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drea - June 5

Has anyone else had soreness in their lower abdominal area? It almost feel like I did a lot of sit ups. I have it mostly when I'm changing positions in bed, getting up or after Im active. I'm know it's probably just streching muscles and stuff, just wanted some reassurance that others felt this also.


happpygal - June 5

I have the same thing, plus soreness in v____al area. I wondered if Braxton Hicks contractions might cause this, but this is my first, so I have no idea, really.


drea - June 5

This is my first also. I'm not sure if Braxton Hicks causes this or just like a tightening feeling. I have a doctors appt. tomorrow so I'll ask and keep you posted. I really dont think it's anything to worry about though. I've just been having lots of new feelings going on the last 2 weeks or so.


meg - June 5

I'm not sure if this is the same thing that you are experiencing or not...but, a lot of the time when I am exercising I get very tight in the lower abdominal area (Just above the pubic bone) for a few minutes & my dr. said that it was braxton hicks, & that it was perfectly normal, just to make sure that I drink lots of water. Lately, I have not been getting the tightness, I have just been getting a sharp pain below my belly b___ton to the right...it usually goes away as well, but very uncomfortable!! Not sure what that pain is though. Hope this helped some.


Erynn21 - June 5

I've gotten the same exact thing, especially when rolling over in bed. I had my first little bout w/ Braxton hicks last week and am going to the doc. today to find out if there's anything I can do, other than making sure Iam hydrated and changing positions. Other than that I don't think there's much you can do. Others do feel the same though.


honeybea - June 5

it is very normal to have this. It is from your ligaments and muscles stretching for the baby.


drea - June 5

Thanks everyone. I wasn't too worried, but it always makes you feel better when others have the same feelings as you do. Best of Luck :-)


Kim L - June 5

Drea absolutely! My obstetrician says this is round ligament pain, caused by stretching of the ligaments supporting the uterus. Mine began at about 17-18 weeks just like yours - a dull lower abdominal ache that I'd notice mostlly when rolling over or getting up after laying down. Now at nearly 23 weeks it's a sharp shooting pain that shows up in the abdomen, cervix, back, b___t, EVERYWHERE and it's TERRIBLE! Ha! But totally worth it I'm told. :-)



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