Lower Back Joint Pain

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sarahd - January 15

Hi all, I'm 20w1d pregnant with my first child. Just yesterday I started getting this pain in my lower left back/hip. It feels like it's right in the joint - like it's seizing up (it's not back spasms - I've had those before, this is very different). It's so bad that it's difficult to put all my weight on that foot. Has this happened to anyone before? Is it something to be concerned about?


Tracy88 - January 15

Sounds like it could be your ligaments. I had really bad pain in my hip area about a month ago and I called the doctor just to be safe. I think you are fine and that it's just your liganebts and bones spreading, etc....BUT call the doc anyway. Plus, just by growing we tend to change our posture without realizing it and probably start to stress other areas.


sarahd - January 15

Thanks Tracy! I'll talk to my doc tomorrow just in case.


Allypants0_1 - January 15

I have the same thing and to me it felt a bit like growing pains (if you can remember how those felt). I talked to my doctor about it and she said it's sciatica, which is the sciatic nerve getting pinched. I guess it's because your back starts to "swoop" into a weird position and puts a lot of pressure on things. She told me I should exercise more.


MichelleB - January 16

I had exactly this. I could not put weight on my leg when this was happening. Im 25 wees now, so this was probably about 22-24 weeks. Dr said its just my cente of gravity shifting, causing this. If I sat down too long, and stood up, I was sure to have it. Its a lot better now, not sure why? I do get back spasms now in its place......not sure which ones I like Better.


jessica72 - January 16

Mine hits me exactly where you mentioned sarah, lower back, hip/joint. It mostly afflicts me when I'm sleeping on one side for awhile, so I'm constantly flipping back and forth...drives dh nuts hehe. Once I change positions, it eases up for an hour or so. I also heard it's normal relaxin causing your ligaments to get ready for birth. Frustrating, but normal.


sarahd - January 16

Thanks ladies - Jessica I get the same problems in my legs/hips at night. I flip ALL the time - very frustrating!



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