Lower Pelvic Pain Back Pain And Brax Hicks Cont

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Susanna - February 7

Anyone in my boat? I am about 24 weeks and been experiencing braxton hicks contractions for the last 4 weeks. Doctor says everything looks good and my ER visit they said everything was fine. Today I have alot of achiness in my lower pelvis area(from underneath) and also a backache. Worried I am going to go into premature labor!!!!!! Driving myself and husband crazy. Any feedback would be appreciated.


K - February 7

yes right here...i am only 19 yrs old and 20 weeks along with my firsy baby also feeling the contractions,been to the doctor and she said its too early for me to feel them still??She also said something like if it does happen then it happens!?which i am now switching doctors as i see she seems to know nothing about this, but anyway i know what im feeling, ive read a lot about it online and itsays they can prescribe you something to cool down the contractions..as they are quite bothersome and nerve wrecking..my next new docs appointemnt ill be sure to mention this...trust me im also worrying about premature labor!


G - April 5

Yes, this is my fourth pregnancy and like my last one, I started having contractions around 18 weeks. I'm currently 21.5 weeks along. Already been to the doctor thinking it was premature labor (which I did have with my last one at 31 weeks). Had the unique feeling of menstrual crampy contractions/low back pain and LOTS of pelvic pressure. They monitored and I wasn't dilating so I was sent home. They just said that baby is really low. With my experience with my last child, I say you know your body the best and you should listen to it. Don't worry about bothering your doctor, that's what we pay them for...right? And Braxton Hicks can hurt like heck! Just watch for any bleeding, extra mucus and get checked when you think something is up.


mandy~ - April 5

im 23wks and latley i have constant pain. that will last up to a hour and it almost makes me feel sick and then there is times were im walking and have to crouch down coz of the pain, what is this? is this braxton hick contractions? the pain feels more of a sickness like a tight feeling, when baby kicks it makes it worse i feel like he wants to come out now! it scares me!



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