Lower Pressure In Abdomen

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Angie - July 1

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and I've just recently strated getting pressure in the lower part of my abdomen and it is alot worst after i go to the bathroom. I was wondering if this was normal.


Angie - June 29

I am 20 weeks. I also have pressure in lower abdomen. It just feels very full. And sometimes like it might fall out. I do not have pain, just full pressure feeling. Dont know if that is what you are experiencing.


MrsShabby - June 29

I am 18w4d and started feeling that fullness/pressure thing today. I go in for my US tomorrow and am going to ask if it is normal.


Kelly K - June 29

I had the same thing going on and it turned out that everything was fine, but the baby was laying with her knee in my cervix.


MrsShabby - July 2

I have a low lying placenta which may be causing the fullness feeling. Angie, since you are 27 weeks, it is probably something else (and probably harmless.)


Jbear - July 3

I've had the same thing since about 25 weeks. I actually stopped working at 27 weeks because I have to stand all day and the feeling of pressure was so bad. This is my second baby. The doctor said that when it's not your first pregnancy, your ligaments are stretched out and you're likely to get feelings of pressure.


mama2be - July 3

I have that feeling too.. described it to my mom tonite as "it feels like its gonna pop" lol.. I'm in the first day of my 17th week, carrying twins.. (first pregnancy) I think its just the pressure of my uterus growing, but I'm asking the doc at my next appt wednesday to be sure. it really is a strange feeling.. I don't feel too worried though, I dunno why..


Cheryl - August 18

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and i'm feeling alot of pressure in my lower abdomen, not pain just pressure. What does this mean?


Bloomcaz - August 21

I am 21 weeks pregnant - glad to see others are experiencing the same thing ! It does feel like you need to poop! Anyone have an answer on what else it may be?


Heather - August 23

I am 25 weeks, and I've been having these "pressure" sensations as well, and I found out they were Braxton Hicks contractions. They're a little uncomfortable, but not painful.



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