Lower Tummy Hardening

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Shan - October 25

I'm at my 20th week and sometimes my lower tummy harden and it feel very uncomfortable. Is it normal or is there any reason for this. Can anyone help please, I'm afraid.


milissa - October 25

You could be feeling braxton hicks contractions, it just your bodys ways of getting ready for labor, they dont hurt.


Tracey - October 26

That happens to me all the time, mostly if I've been laying or sitting down and then get up. Or sometimes after I eat. I asked my doctor about it and he said it's normal. Somethings I was warned about though were SEVERE cramping or bleeding. Those could be symptoms of something dangerous. The general tightness in the lower abdomen is perfectly normal though. Lots of stuff is going on in there...(and keep in mind, the little devil is quickly running out of room!)


Cat - October 28

Its your uterus moving up from where it begins way under your pubic bone where you cannot feel it to upwards in your stomach. It feels hard as though your stomach is getting hard and it will get more so and move up under your belly b___ton. Its normal and feels kind of tight and heavy in your stomach as its moving. This will give you that big round firm pregnant belly look!


Mellissa - October 30

Sometimes your uterus hardens because you are doing some form of exercise (even climbing stairs) and sometimes it will harder during s_xual arousal. It could also just be your baby you're feeling, I know my stomach hardens up, mostly while I'm lying down, when my baby is farther away from my spine and closer to my front. You could just be experiencing early Braxton Hicks (practice) contractions which, are quite normal and will continue until real labor and real contractions take over. It feels like a belt is tightening under your belly and then releasing. Try switching positions or, lying down, standing up... whatever helps alleviate it. If you still have a feeling that something is not right, talk to your doctor because they've heard it all and only you know your own body.


karagayle - June 15

I am at 27 weeks and my "bump"is an inch above my belly b___ton and my stomach hardens after i work all night and afer i do hard labor, (no lifting over 25 lbs though) then it semi softens again when i relax .



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