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mel - October 16

Just wondering about lying on your back. I'm 20 weeks now, and it seems like the only position I actually feel comfortable is lying on my back. I know it's not good for the baby but I don't know what else to do. If I lie on my side, I feel like I'm sufforcating. I can still lie on my stomach with one leg up by my hip out to the side, it gives my stomach a bit of room and feels fine. Any ideas on what damage and how much it can do?


Karen - October 16

According to everything I have read - you are to stop lying or sleeping on your back starting in your 4th month and the reason being is that at that point your baby is starting to weigh down in your uterus and the main artery that supplies oxygen to the baby via the umbilical cord and placenta is located on your right side. Applying pressure to it restricts oxygen to the baby. It is strongly advised not to sleep on your back as you possibly restrict the oxygen flow to the baby. As your baby puts on more weight - the restriction increases. The baby is between the artery and your back so the artery is squished. I have bought a large body pillow. I place it on my right side and use it for support while sleeping on my left. I find my hips get sore when sleeping on my side now with the weight between my pelvis - the pillow is a great cushion and lets me shift position without having to lie directly on my back. I also sleep with a pillow between my legs for added support. I don't know much about sleeping on the stomach - my sister claims she did it with support of pillows - I would just avoid sleeping on my back at all costs. Hope this helps


jb - October 16

I am the same way. My doctor recommend putting the pillow under one side of my b___t when sleeping on my back. This way the uterus is tilted and not pressing down on the vein in the back. It seems to help me sleep comfortably. I do try to sleep on my left and much as possible but end up on my back at some point in the night.


Sherry - October 17

Hi Mel, I've learned that sleeping on my side makes me feel like I'm suffocating too. I've tried it many ways and it seems to work this way: when you're lying on your side, the arm that's on top, instead of resting it in front of you or directly on the top of your side just rest it towards your back so that your shoulder is back a bit. I think it gives your lungs a little more room to breathe this way. Sorry about the description, did it make any sense at all haha?


kl - October 17

hi mel...i am the same way i have to sleep on my back...that is the onl way i can get some sleep...i am also 20 weeks now...i have heard about putting a pillow under one side but that doesn't work for me...i have a doctors appt this thursday and i am going to try and rememeber to ask him...i have serious "baby brain" this time around


Beth - October 17

I just got back from my doc appt. I asked him about lying on my back, he said it was fine, he said that if I wake up in the middle of the night on my back I should roll over, but just chilling, or lying on your back to watch the baby kick was fine.


Amy - October 17

Mel - Sleeping on your back is fine if it doesn't bother you. I was very concerned by this with my first baby because even when I tried to sleep in a different position I woke on my back. My doctor said not to worry that the issue with lying on your back and cutting off / or restricting oxygen only effects about 30-40% of all pregnant women... and you will know. You will feel dizzy, light headed or nauseas. SO if you feel this way at all -- get off your back. If not, you are probably just fine. With that said, it is better to sleep on your side -- better flow of oxygen BUT everyone's body is different. I wouldn't worry to much about it if it doesn't bother you.... Good luck.


scarlett - April 24

Amy ^ said what I wanted to say =)



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