M S Just Wont Go Away

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Daynae79 - September 24

Hey girls. I am in my second trimester. 14 weeks today actually and i am still getting sick very frequently as well as fighting horrible headaches. Guess i thought it would be letting up by now. Anyone going through the same thing??? When if this horrible feeling gonna go away?


sarah21 - September 24

My nausea is just going away (14 weeks yesterday). I have yet to go a whole week without throwing up but I am noticing it is letting up. But the headaches just kicked in for me a couple weeks ago. It is safe to take the maximum recommended dose of Tylenol for your headaches and if it is not enough, go to your Dr. and let them make sure you're not stressing out because of the pain. Also if the nausea is out of control, they can give you something totally safe to take it away. You need to be getting enough nutrition and there is no need to be miserable. :)


Rainbowbrite - September 24

I do not have the morning sickness but i do get the headaches. I get them every night religiously! What i do when i get them is place a warm heat pack at the base of my head/back of my neck and it seems to help somewhat.. of course you can take tylenol for that but tylenol doesn't work for me in any way... Sorry about the morning sickness...


Daynae79 - September 24

Thanks girls. Its just sooo horrible. The headaches i can deal with b/c tylonol usually works for me, but the throwing up is just taking a toll. I'm always afraid to do things or go anywhere cause i never know when its gonna hit!!


corbin289 - September 24

With my dd I had really bad m/s. I was on meds for it because I was loosing wight not gaining it. If its still really bad you could ask your doctor about meds to help it. I know it helped me ALOT. It could still go away though. I'm just about 16 weeks and I still get sick maybe once a week. Its much better then it was but not gone.


sahm2alaj - September 24

Like Corbin289 I also had the doctor prescribe meds for the morning sickness. I had severe vomitting and was dehydrated. It all stopped at 14 weeks though. I would deffinetly ask your doctor for some relief. Good luck!



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