Made To Second Trimester

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Rachel29 - November 28

Hello girls! I wanted to let you guys know that I made it to 13 weeks! It's been a long road for me! It took forever for me to get pregnant, then I had a miscarriage, so I've been biting my nails to get through to this week when things are much more stable. I'm so happy and thrilled that I got this far, and just wanted to share my joy and excitement! Hope that everything goes great from here on out for me and everyone here!


hioannidis - November 28

That’s fantastic Rachel!! I will be joining you in about a week and a half. I can't wait!! I too have had lots of struggles including miscarriages. Looking forward to swapping 2nd trimester stories with you and the others. Baby dust to us all!!!


fefer1 - November 28

Great!! Congrats! I'll be with you in a few days. :) I had a long first tri with being super sick day and night. Can't wait for it to be over!!


goldfish - November 28

hey that good . Congrats . things will workout and will go good dont worry


sarah21 - November 28

Congratulations! Before you know it, the second trimester will be over, too. The first trimester drags on forever and a day but the second flies.


xvkx - November 28

That's great! :D I lost at 13 weeks and was biting my nails through this one until week 13 was over... somehow I felt that if I just made it past that point everything would be ok and I could start relaxing... I'm guessing that's about the way you're feeling. Just make sure you don't stress *too* much through this week! Everything should be fine! *hugs*


Astra - November 28

congratulations and welcome to the second tri!


Rachel29 - November 29

Thanks guys! I haven't told work yet, or really any friends or family other than my parents, (because of the loss), so it's nice to get a pat on the back! I'll probably wait just a little bit longer until I'm showing more. Xvkx, I totally know exactly what you mean. I actually miscarried two days shy of 12 weeks, so I just felt that if I could get to the second trimester things would be ok. Things have really felt different this time so I hope everything will be ok!



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