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Amy - October 13

Hi Maggie i seen you found out you were having a GIRL CONGRATS is all going well?


Maggie - October 14

Hi Amy! Everything is going great. I'm getting my little girl, my son is healthy, hubby's job is solid, I got a new job, and my morning sickness is gone. I couldn't ask for anything more. I know its cheesy, but for the first time I feel like all is right with my world. How is everything going for you?


Amy - October 14

everything is going well had another u/s on the 6th but baby would not show anything but at 16wks 5d they thought it's a boy so dr is going to do another u/s on the 3rd we will check again i started getting boy clothes so i hope he's still a boy HA but other than that all is great kids are doing good and i feel great i did have wierd pressure feeling the other day and ran to dr but all was good i was going over a baby gate and i think i just pulled a muscle down there cause it bugged me for a few days then today i can go over the gates great!! i need to get a gate that opens thats next on my list of thing to get we are heading to mil this weekend to look for a crib they have a babiesrus there:)


Maggie - October 14

Thats funny you should mention that pulling pain. I've been having a lot of pressure in my v____al area and I was getting really worried. During my u/s I could see the baby kicking straight down. The tech said she was literally kicking my bladder, but because she was kicking so low it didn't feel like kicks. It looked like she was doing a jig on my bladder. What are you going to name your little man? My son is James Peter, and if this one had been a boy he would have been Thomas Patrick. We are going with Kathleen Mary for our daughter after our mothers (we are irish, and its tradition so its a good thing I love the name!) I already picked out the crib set, its the ladybug set on Its a little expensive, but my mom said it would be her shower gift. The thing I like most about it is its not pink, its black, white, and red. We are going to use the crib we used with our son, but I need everything else. I can't wait to go shopping, but I'm gonna wait until after my shower. Luckily there is a babies r us about ten minutes from me, and out on long island theres this great store called bye-bye baby. I was also thinking about the outlet stores in Pennsylvania (Trenton I think), but I'm not sure I can get my hubby to travel that far as we live in Brooklyn, NY.



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