Major Constipation Possibly TMI Anyone Else

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jodie - January 18

So I am almost 14 weeks and I have had very very minor constipation with this pregnancy. With my son I was completely opposite. So today I went to go "#2" and I was seriously (no exageration) in the bathroom pushing for 3 hours. It was worse than labor and contractions and everyting. I finally had to call the doc and find out what I need to do. It was stuck! I couldn't stand up and I couldn't sit there anymore it was complete h__l!!! Thank God I was at my mom's so she could watch my son. It finally came out and I was a nightmare..........literally. The doc told me to go buy milk of magnesia and metimucel and and take it religously. Has anyone else experienced this much constipation pain???? I was afraid all my pushing could cause harm to the baby...does anyone know?? It hurts to sit now and also to go to the bathroom. Yuck!!


lovinmybaby - January 19

This totally sounds like both my pregnancies! It hurts so bad and is very frustrating! I was also afraid I would actually push so hard my baby would come out, its scary! I doubled my water intake and it totally helped! Fluids! Fluids! Fluids! Goodluck Jodie!


pueppschen - January 19

i know what you are going through. some say prunes are of help ... but like lovinmybaby, i just doubled my water intake. i am also used to eat extremely spicy food, which i considerably reduced. gl


lily10 - January 19

I'm also totally constipated and it is the worst!!! I eat tons of fiber so you would think i would be regular but no such luck here. Last night I actually bought a stool softner but I haven't taken it yet as I'm not sure it's safe, so I'll call the doctor today to find out. One thing I notice was that last night I did 45 minutes of light cardio and I was able to "go", yes I still had to give some really good pushes but I went. Drink tons of water!!


whynotme - January 19

I will tell you what helped me with constipation. Add some fruits everyday to your diet and maybe a salad once a day with a tsp. of olive oil. Olive oil is not only one of the healthy oils but it acts to keep everything "moving" in there. Trust me, it works!


suze42 - January 19

Jodie, I am the queen of constipation..had it w/DS4 and again w/this pg. I ended up w/ a hemmoroid from DS4...not even from labor, but from pushing poops!! LOL. I take metamucil powder at night. It tasted fine and it really helps...Also like whynot said...i eat a big salad every day. And fruit when I can. Pears are good for it. I still have hard stools, but its at least I can go and its managable if I do the above. If i slack on the powder, then it gets bad again. Oh and my prenatal vitamin has a small amount of stool softener...many of them do. Its called docsodium sulate or somethings similar. If you do buy a stool softener (they are fine to use) try Colace, Peri Colace or Senecot natural. Those are the one my ob approved to take. And yes drink tons of water. That alone though doesnt do it for me. Good Luck. You are not alone.


Tracy88 - January 19

I experienced really bad constipation up until about 3 to 4 weeks ago. I wouldn't be able to go for like 5 days, then all of a sudden I would spend 3 hours on the toilet filling up the bowl!!!! I was in so much pain. Gross I know, but I have a point doc said to never go longer than 2 days without pooping, so to take Colace (stool softener) at the end of the second day if I haven't gone. Aslo, I added fruit into my diet......pears, apples, and oranges. AND like whynotme said, oils. I know that olive oil is healthy, but I even find that when I eat "bad for you chicken wings" that I poop like a champ in the days following. Just for the record (not that it's important) chicken wings has become a second trimester craving of mine, I never eat that bad in normal life!!! So, my prescription is to start with a stool softener, have about two pieces of fruit per day, eat a greasy or olive oily food for dinner a few times per week, and drink loads of water. (My doctor also said to have a bottle of water with me at all times.) Good luck!


Tracy88 - January 19

See Suze even said something about pears. I had a few pears around the holidays and became addicted. They have a ton of water in them, but are also very fiberous. I eat one everyday and then vary the other fruit I eat.


danimarie - January 19

hey girls...I have not yet suffered from constipation, but I DO work at a Colon & Rectal surgeons office. The key is FIBER FIBER FIBER!!! Like a few of you guys said...eating fruits and vegetables is good for getting fiber! And you guys are right about pears too...pears have more fiber than apples, oranges, bananas.....but make sure you are eating all your fruits with the SKIN ON! That is where the fiber is at. There are some good fiber cereals too...I have started eating Fiber One Honey Clusters....the normal Fiber One is gross, but the Fiber One Honey Clusters isn't that bad and it is really good for you and has 56% of the daily fiber you need in 1 cup. It is also low in sugar. Metimucil is good for you too...they have powder, pills, and even wafers. Here is a guide that tells you how much fiber is in different foods: (take out any dashes and put the 3 w's in front). Fluid intake, like many of you have said, is also key. If you don't like water, try can also buy Crystal Light to add to water bottles, but it has aspartame so I would only drink it about once a day (if you want to drink it at all). It has been found to be safe during pregnancy though. guys are all on the right track for sure...I feel like without working at a place where we see patients everyday for this problem, I would not have taken the precautions along the way that I have and I would also be in the same boat as the rest of you. Good luck and feel free to ask me any questions!!


rjrmi - January 19 mentioned that you shouldn't go more than 2 days without pooping. What happens if you do? For the last couple of months I have been unable to go for about 3 to 5 days and then I'll go two or three times in a day, and then it will be several more days before I can go again. I have put off getting a stool softner because I wasn't able to eat for a while and I just chalked my irregularity up to that. Now that I have been able to eat it has become more of a problem. As I get to the 4th or so day it starts to make me nauseaus. It's just gross. Anyways, what happens after two days?


jessicaspatherapist - January 19

wow, that sounds like hell, i am so sorry! i hope it doesn't give you hemerroids. i was badly constipted between weeks 7-10 and now i'm 13w and i'm going again, but its hard as a rock.....but thank God its never gotten stuck like it did with you.....soooooooooooo sorry about that!


Tracy88 - January 19

rjrmi, I think that's a good question for Danimarie; however, if it were me, I would just take a stool softener about every two to three days until I became regular again. I would integrate the fruit and veggies, etc immediately, and eventually (soon) I think you will regulate. I am not a huge "laxative" type of person, I took them once in my life and hated it, but the stool softener was a totally different experience and actually felt normal. Don't be afraid to take them. It's just not good to keep poo in your intestines for reasons such as diverticuli and the hemmoroids that can occur (as I have experienced) from not going regularly. I get very tense and get a headache if I haven't gone for more than 3 days. Fortunately I have found a balance with the fruit and such. I also found at one point that I really wasn't drinking enough of anything, so I bought gatorade and a low glycemic cranberry lemonade that I like to drink from Whole Foods, and that helped pump fluids into my body. Do not be afraid to take a stool softener though. It won't hit you at the wrong time and place kind of thing, and will take the edge off the pain you would feel if you didn't take anything at all.


suze42 - January 19

I was constipated my WHOLE pregnancy w/DS4, so im expecting the same this time. tracy88 has a good point about the stool softners...they are NOT laxatives. So its not like you will be running to the bathroom. And metamucil powder, metamucil powder, metamucil powder...I cant stress this enuf if you have as seriuous problem as I do the water and diet alone doesnt do can use the powder really really works. Plus fiber is good for you all around. So youre doing something good for your diet as well. GOOD LUCK!


danimarie - January 19

rjrmi-both Tracy and Suze are right....there isn't anything magical about the 2 day just isn't healthy to have it all building up inside you and the longer it is between times the higher of a chance you have of becoming impacted...which would be NO FUN! Basically, if you get impacted too badly you have to go to a doctor and get poo sc___ped out of you. One thing you can do if you are feeling like you need to go and are having trouble is go and buy a fleet enema (they are in green boxes...don't get the oil ones in the orange box). This is what we have patients use before they have certain things done in our office. But be prepared to be in the bathroom for a little while. ANYWAY....basically it is just like what Tracy are more likely to have to push more and could develop hemorrhoids or diverticuli (it is where little tiny bubbles form up in the wall of the colon because of the pressure and later on food can get stuck in the little pockets and get infected....) It is just more healthy to be going regularly...once a day is great...if not every other day, and it will help prevent problems from developing. Like Suze said, you can use the Metamucil powder once a night...and if this doesn't work try it morning and night..and if it still doesn't seem to be helping you can actually use it 3 times a day. I would recommend starting with once a day though because most people don't need more than that. But if you DO need it more than once it day it is fine! As far as being regular...this is important ALL the time...not just during pregnancy. And all of these things work well for everyday living! And they are healthy for your system!


lily10 - January 19

Wow danimarie, thanks for all the great info on constipation. I am going to purchase some metamucil tonight and start using it once a night...hopefully that will do the trick.


Tara B - January 19

Hey jodie I had constipation right around 12 and 14 weeks. Eat food with fiber. I ate oatmeal every morning for like two months this helped me a lot and drink lots of fluids. I am sorry you had to go through all that.


jessica72 - January 19

I eat a bowl of shredded wheat in the AM, an apple or orange with lunch, and then this new yogurt called Activa by dannon. It claims to regulate your system. I've been pooping pretty for the last week. Well...ok...pretty is a stretch. :)



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