Major Constipation Possibly TMI Anyone Else

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jessica72 - January 19

I eat a bowl of shredded wheat in the AM, an apple or orange with lunch, and then this new yogurt called Activa by dannon. It claims to regulate your system. I've been pooping pretty for the last week. Well...ok...pretty is a stretch. :)


Tracy88 - January 19

Jessica raises a good point, yogart has lactobacilli in it which helps regulate your intestines, so that's always a good addition. In fact, it should be eaten all the time.


jodie - January 20

Holy Cow!! Now this is support!!!!!LOL. THank you all for your advice!! So I ended up buying milk of magnesia and some metimucel and today was a lovely day!!! I had like 3 normal poops...thank God!!!!! I am feeling much better!! The doc said to keep with the metimucel twice a day until things are good...then once a day after that. I will deffinately drink more water too! Thanks again!! And thankfully no hemeroid this timearound......sweet!


Tracy88 - January 20

Yay for poop!!!!


suze42 - January 21

I'll drink (metamucil) to that!!!!!


lovinmybaby - January 21

Woohoo...goodluck to your poops, hopefully no hemi's!


Jmom - January 21

I used to get constipated so badly that every night I'd have really bad stomach pains- I went and asked my Dr for a vitamin WITH stool softener- that helped alot!!


TamaraAngel - January 21

Hmm... while we're on the subject and since there is an "expert" in the house... lol... i was just wondering... what about the opposite problem? Seems i'm the only one who has to go MORE often! Since the start of my pregnancy i have been going "#2" like 3 - 5 times a day every single day! I never had this problem pre-pregnancy. Any thoughts?


Tracy88 - January 21

TamaraAngel, I'm not the expert, but I say keep on pooping girl. Unless it's starting to hurt your "exit door" really bad or is diahrea (sp?), I think it's healthy to go whenever your body tells you it must! Since my constipation subsided, I go now about 2 to 3 times a day and love it! Call me crazy, but I'd rather be going than not.


LinsTwin - January 21

I'm not sure if this helps, but I had a little trouble 1st tri. Metamucil didn't work for me, but the Fiber One Honey Clusters were great (highest fiber cereal out there). And every time I go for a run, I'm rewarded with a nice BM. I also switched prenatals to Duet DHA, and I've never had a problem again. After the fact, I've heard that that particular brand helps with the problem. Good luck!


Crystal Star - January 21

I had the same problem until this weekend. I drank cranberry apple juice, and it surely cleaned me out. I recommend it yo anyone who has constipation.


Crystal Star - January 21

I had the same problem until this weekend. I drank cranberry apple juice, and it surely cleaned me out. I recommend it to anyone who has constipation.


danimarie - January 21 said you're going more often..oh goodness..this is gonna sounds so weird to most of, I am so used to talking about this openly cause I make drs appts for people with these issues everyday, but whatever. I was gonna ask if it is just soft or if it is watery and like someone else asked if it is painful. Are you eating a high fiber diet. Here's the thing...fiber is supposed to make you not only does it soften things up and help you to go if you're constipated...but there are two types of fiber....soluable fiber and insoluable fiber. If you're having trouble with diarrhea, then you want to cut back on the insoluable fibers (these are the fruits and veggies) and you want to eat soluable fiber foods (oatmeal, breads, citrus fruits) you can find lists of what types of foods have what amounts of fiber. Oatmeal and oat cereal are almost always at the top of the list though. These types of fiber help to soak up extra liquid in the colon. But like someone else said. Unless you're having diarrhea and it is making you hurt, just be happy you're going so much! Hope this helps a little bit!! - January 24

well, i havn't had constipation that severe, but i don't go for 3 to 4 days at a time, and inbetween those days i have extremely horrible gas. (bad enough to clear a room, and i have...) when i finally do go its great, and then almost immediately after i feel "yucky" and then have diaharea. its a loose-loose battle. i'm in my 13th week and my doc says its most likely due to my prenatal vitamins. my suggestion is to eat more fiber and bran. maybe drink prune juice on a regular basis, and eat lots of banana's. i don't know if all that pushing could hurt your baby, but i would probably be worried about it too. next time, if it doesn't come out with in 20 min or so, i would try again later.


IrinaZ - January 24

Sometimes the diet alone cannot control it. I eat salad for lunch every day and eat tons of fruit and drink at least 2 L of water every day and I still suffer constipation. I talked to my Dr. about it - he suggested metamusil during the day and Senna (or Senakot) at bed time. If you also have bad gas - don't eat bananas and broccoli - it helped me!


bvue - January 24

My gush, poor soul. I have constipation, but not nearly as bad. During my first trimester, I would go days without having any bowel movement and when I do, It takes a few push and I do have a little bleeding with it and I thought that was bad. I am in my 2nd trimester and the contipation is gone. I hope you are much better now.



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