Major Constipation Possibly TMI Anyone Else

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bvue - January 24

My gush, poor soul. I have constipation, but not nearly as bad. During my first trimester, I would go days without having any bowel movement and when I do, It takes a few push and I do have a little bleeding with it and I thought that was bad. I am in my 2nd trimester and the contipation is gone. I hope you are much better now.


jessica72 - January 24

I found my #1 cure! I think someone mentioned this before as well. Fiber One Honey clusters. Nothing ever worked better. I have a bowl of that in the AM w/ a banana (didn't know it was a gas culprit though) and then lots of H2O and now go like 2-3 times a day..not watery, not hard....Just right. lol


danimarie - January 25

yeah Jessica- that was me! Works well huh?! And it doesn't even taste bad...especially with banana on it! (I don't know if you've ever tried the regular fiber one, but it doesn't taste that great!) You guys should all try it!


krnj - January 25

I'm also a bit constipated & today I have a bad stomach ache from being stressed out. I'm going to try the fiber one honey clusters! Hope you're feeling better, Jodie!


suze42 - January 25

OMG! I too have been very constipated since finding out I was pg. BUT today I went to a salad bar and filled up! I barely made it home, my tummy was cramping and I was dying. Well the salad bar cleaned me out....I wish I could say I felt better but my tummy is stilll gurgling and upset. Iwonder if something was spoiled?


jessicaspatherapist - January 25

oh no suze, first you are constipated then you eat salad and now you are it ever end!? i remembered another consitpation cure.....BEETS! fresh steamed or boiled beets....they might make you poop purple and pee pink though so don't freak out!


jodie - January 26

OMG!! Funny story. So first of all my constipation has been going good...not quite as "loose" as I would like it to be...but no struggles. Anyways so my dh said he was feeling a little constipated today so I told him to drink some of the milk of magnesia( I have been drinking it and it hasn't really seemed like a laxitive to hardly works) so he only had 2 table spoons and bam...he said he was in the bathroom all day at work! Poor guy...he said his system in completely cleansed......HAHAHA! I have to keep pausing the O.C. tonight so he can FYI if the milk of magnesia doesn't work so well on yourself....don't give it to your husband because it will deffinatly do it's job...and then some!!!!!!!! HA


danimarie - January 26

Jodie- Your story is HILARIOUS!!!! LOL!!! I'm glad you're feeling better! Oh man...I will definately remember that one...haha, we should probably all remember it too for when we aren't pregnant anymore! LOL!


jessicaspatherapist - February 1

i know i mentioned beets already on here...but wanted to tell you how GOOOOOOODDDDDD they work! i ate beets yesterday and this morning i went to the bathroom enough for 6 days!!!!!! not painful at all and no straining....i think there just might be something to beets, they are very earthy and fibrous!


excited2bemama - February 1

My number one cure is to eat almonds and raisins, or walnuts and raisins- works every time!!!!


mommybabyboy21 - February 2

pueppschen why no spicy food...I love spicy food I actully am craving it...most people look at me funny when they ask...are you craving anything with the pregnancy and I say hot salsa...but I am also very constipated....I drink more than a gallon of water a day, always have since before pregnancy but I am very consipated to the point were I had to take two lacitive pills and even then it wasn't free flowing it was flowing but most thought I should have gone the other direction if you know what I mean.


squished - February 3

When jodie posted this I was laughing my a__s off b/c I had a very similar!!! Since then I have bought some of that Colace and feel like a new woman. I only take one pill every other day and wow! what a difference! They are a life saver or should I say a b___t saver!!!! Ok, ok, I'll stop now. Thanks for the idea suze42!


laurenl - February 5

Ok, so I'm having these problems too. I got some Metamucil today, but the bottle says take 2 - 6 capsules daily. Well that's a BIG difference...2 - 6. So does anyone know how many I should take?


excited2bemama - February 5

Start low - Take one -2 and see if that does anything- graudally increase as needed.


MommyMeg07 - February 5

I was told not to take Milk of Magnesia - and I WANTED to!



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