Major Scares

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venus_in_scorpio - July 7

every woman has at least one major scare in her pregnancy I think. we should post them here so other women in the same situation can find first one was at 10 weeks I got an ultrasound because they couldnt find the hb with a doppler after having found it at 9 weeks. So the ultrasound tech incorrectly measured the neuchal translucency, and too early on, and it came back thick so the doctor told us the baby might have downs syndrome. Didnt tell us anything more... nothing about soft markers or anything like that... just "your baby might be retarded" so then we had to wait an excruciating 2 weeks for the appointment to have the NT test (which turned out OK) and the frst trimester screening (also OK.) what was your big scare?? what happened?


HannahBaby - July 7

my big scare was being exposed to mono early in my first trimester, but mono is like chicken pox and coxsackie virus, we are all most likely immune. I never got sick thank god


Kira_lynn - July 7

Oh boy, i bled at 5w3, 8w3d and then found out i had a subcrohinic bleed, and so far have bled again at 11w, and at 16w. My doc said i can resume s_xual activities (thats what was causing the bleeding) and i have an bled only once. Now with the AFP screening coming back high risk for spina bifida, boy oh boy. Im sure they're connected tho.


AshleyB - July 7

My big scare was that I had to have surgery at 11wks. We weren't sure if the baby would make it through. I had to have an ovary removed because a huge dermoid formed around it. And I was told I could lose both ovaries. So the thought that the baby wouldn't make it through and losing both ovaries was very scary. I had a m/c 3months prior to this pregnancy too, so I was very worried adn paranoid. But - I made it through and so did the baby only 1 ovary gone, and we're doing fine so far. I'm 17wks today.


Lilu - July 7

With my first baby, at my level 2 u/s they detected an a light spot in the baby's heart which they thought was echogenic focus and I had an amnioc band. When the doc gave me the results she told me its a marker for downe's and I had to go to neo specialist. I went at 22 weeks when she was alittle bigger and her heart was fine. But they put you thru all that worry b/c they blurted out worst case scenerio. GRRR. They didn't tell me the severity of the amniotic band until later in pregnancy. I had no idea that whatever gets caught in that band, can come off. That's how babies are born with missing fingers and toes and cleft lip. My band was more of a pocket so it was okay. It's horrible. I lost my first and they've been doing all these extra tests on me, I would be devasted if one of these chrom. tests came back positive and it was a FALSE positive never the less??? OH MY??? Scarey.


venus_in_scorpio - July 8

my doctor is npw saying they "might" have seen a pinched kidney and are making me wait to go to the high risk doctor again. i mean YES better to be safe than sorry and YES im glad theyre not keeping anything from me but jeez being pregnant has turned into such a scary experience.


NURSEJ - July 12

well sinc i had 2 m/c last year 1 month apart that was my biggest scare. my first u/s at 6 weeks they saw a fetal pole and heartbeat that was fine. but when i went at 10 weeks to hear heartbeat i was very nervous, but it was there nice and health beating it sounded wonderful. now i am 12 weeks 3 days and i really don't have anymore scares, since i have made it this far. my doc said it is less then a 5% chance that i could m/c now the only way would be if my cervix starts to have problems which nothing like that has come up, nor has that been my problem in the past. so i feel really good about this pregnancy now.



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