Make Baby Active

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Mrsladyarico - February 1

I just had a 4-D ultrasound done and i am only 16weeks I could already see the face , but it did not want to uncross the legs the whole time i was there any thing i can drink or eat before next ultrasound to make baby a little mor active so mabey i can see the gender?


squished - February 1

I've heard that oj or cold water may wake up the little one and make them more active. I've also heard that too much oj is not a good thing, so just a bit should work great. Good luck!


jessica1 - February 1

Well when I was going to take my 20 week u/s someone said to drink soda and eat some candy...even though I had an appointment in the morning. I did it and my baby was very active so maybe you can try that, its not healthy but it work. G/l


jendean00 - February 1

I went the other day for my u/s and my little girl had her legs together almost the entire time, but the u/s tech kept moving my belly around and kind of bopping the wand thing on my stomach and she opened them enough for us to see she is a girl. By the way I had heard drink a coke, so I did and it did not phase her at all.


c_baer19 - February 1

I'm not sure about making it more active, but they dont' suggest that you get a 3D or 4D ultrasound until after 20, preferably 22 weeks, because the baby hasn't gotten enough fat on it to make a good image and be well seen - not that you can't see the baby before then, you can, but it is much better after that time.


crazybaby - February 1

i went for a 2d scan to find out the gender at 17 weeks in england and like yours my babe was not co-operating so after alot of tummy patting,me turning from side to side etc i was told to go downstairs for a stong cup of coffee and to go for a walk for at least half an hour, went back in still babe hadnt moved so was told to go off again for a walk i decided to get a coke and a snack and when we went back babe had moved and although babe had completly fliped round it was still hard to see, in the end we got our answer but in all of this having an empty bladder helped i paid to have that scan so the company really made an effort to find out the s_x you wouldnt get all effort with the NHS it was good fun tho to see baby moving


Faye84 - February 2

you dont always want the baby to be active during the ultrasound, Mine was so active that the tech had a hard time even measuring her, and it still took her a while to find the s_x because the baby kept moving around that the tech wasnt able to get a good pic.



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