March 06 Mommys

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Vicky - October 12

hey all, im due march 15th and just wondered how all your pregnancys are coming along??


Christi - October 12

Hey Vicky!!! I am also a March 15th!!! So far so good!!! Experiencing back pains...and odd things like that, butother than that, I'm doing great with everything. This is my 1st, what about you???


Holly - October 12

Hello Vicky, I'm due March 10 and still not showing very much which is a bummer. We find out the s_x Oct. 21 and were so excited. I really don't have any symptoms except I'm sleepy alot.


hc - October 12

Hello, i am 20 weeks today and due March 2. I was sick for the first 4 mothhs, but can now with the help of medication keep food down - I have finally gained 5 pounds!!!! We had our u/s yesterday and were so excited to find out the gender - but no, the baby had its little legs crossed and would not let us peak!! So i guess it will be neutral clothing.....


Trish - October 12

i'm due on the 21st. we hope to find out the s_x on the 27th. i can't wait! i'm 17 weeks 2 days and already starting to show. it's cool but i feel like a freak cuz i this is my 1st and i thought you didn't start toshow unitll later. oh well i guess everyone is diferent. how about everybody else, showing yet? i know Vicky said no, but you wait i bet all of a sudden you'll just pop! =>)


hc - October 12

to Trish, i am showing a little bit. To friends i am showing, but to strangers i probably just look like i ate a little too much the past month! i am carrying kind of low, so pants was a problem early on, i was not able to b___ton them up. But i recently realized (after buying a pair of maternity pants) that i can wear my lowrise pants with a rubber band in the b___ton hole and a longer maternity top! Lets me be stylish a little bit longer!


Vicky - October 12

Hey! yeah this is my first and i have the tinyest pooch! most days i dont think im pregnant, i think its sliped out me without even noticing! how much has everyone gained? iv only gained a pound and i dont know if thats too little?!! xx


Christi - October 12

I've gained 5 pounds (as of 9/26) I've probably put on a couple more... my appet_te has increased. I am showing... I'm in all maternity clothes now, and actually hsve been for about a month. My tummy is starting to harden. I'm excited!!!


Michele - October 12

I'm also due on March 15th...showing also...Lost 8 pounds due to sickness and just now gained to back. I am also showing I had a little bit of a belly to begin with, but my has it gotten huge my weight has ma__sively shifted. Has that happened to anyone else?


Christi - October 12

Michele... I have always been a thicker girl... but... i am showing quite a bit through the way my weight has shifted. My fat isnt exactly where it used to be. I havent gained a whole lot.... but ive definately gotten bigger...and everythings taking a different shape.


Renea - October 13

Hi ladies. I am due March 20th. This is my 4th child and I popped out quickly-those muscles just aren't the same anymore. I have been in maternity clothes since about 12 weeks. Just started feeling good last week-yeah!! It seems that this is first child for most of you, am I right? So, hope you don't mind a 4 timer on here!


Christi - October 13

Renea.... its awesome that its #4 for you.... experience.... you can answer a lot of questions for us 1st timers...LOL. congrats on the pregnancy... hope all is well


Lana - October 13

Hi, I'm due March 20th and my belly is growing fast. This is my first, I can't wait to find out what I'm having, I find out November 3, I'll be 20 weeks!!!! I'm so happy for all of us, babies are such a blessing!!!!


Grace - October 13

well this is my 1st and im due mar.15th 06 too :) Im showing alot!! Congratulations to all of us mommys! Ill find out Oct. 26th what im having im so happy :)


Tamara - October 14

Hi all, I am due March 13th. I just had my u/s on Oct 12th and found out we're having a baby boy. It was amazing, we got a 4D u/s and have a dvd of it all. He was moving his little arms and legs and opening and closing his mouth. I love this!!


Christi due (3/15) - October 14

Hi ladies... I'm still anxiously waiting until the 24th when i find out the gender of my baby. I woke up this morning, and I swear my stomache is poking out further. I have been terribly ga__sy...those pains are the b___bies are itching, and still growing. My appet_te is strange... sometimes I can REALLY eat,other times... i take two bites and i feel like getting sick. I've been feeling dizzy and exhausted... how is everyone else feeling???


Kelly - October 15

Hi ladies! I am also due March 15th! Glad to hear that so many of you are also due on march 15th. This is my first pregnancy. I am showing a little bit...still getting sick - but getting used to it. We just found out last week that we are having a baby girl. It was so cool to see the ultrasound. Good luck!!



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