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jas - November 30

Just thought I would start a new thread for us that are on the border line with our due dates. Mine is the 31st so it could be a March baby or an April baby. Anyone else? Do you have a month preference? Like get it out before March ends or hold her in until April?


Tamisha - November 30

According to my lmp, my due date would have been March 28th, then I had an early u/s and they said my due date is April 3rd. At my 19 week u/s they said the baby was a little bigger, and could come around the 31st, but they would not officially change the date, so even though the earlier the better, I am sticking with the official April 3rd.


Shawna - November 30

I'm also on the border. My LMP suggested April 1, but I wasn't too tickled with all of the "April Fools!" jokes that immediately began. At my 15 week ultrasound, this was changed to March 28, and at my 22 week ultrasound, she said the baby measured a day earlier than that, leaving me with March 27 (my brother-in-law's birthday). The doctor won't change the due date based only on ultrasound measurements, however... so according to him I'm still due April 1. I would prefer March, but not to "get it out," only because I prefer the month of March. Really, though, after 7 years of trying and three losses, I just want a baby... whether she decides on March or April. Oddly enough, both my husband and I were born ON our due dates (without our mothers being induced). We were also both breech, so we both hit two relatively rare things at our births. I found that pretty nifty.


ks - November 30

I too am on that border line - my due date according to lmp is April 4 but my ultrasound at 20 weeks said March 30. It dosen't really matter to me which month, both my bf's kids have March birthdays so they are hoping for another March baby. I just have a bad feeling that our little boy will have a sense of humor and show up on April Fools!


to jas - November 30

I'm more excited to see whether my baby will be a fire or earth sign. My baby's due date is 4/21, so he could be an Aries or a Taurus. I'm rooting for Taurus for a few reasons.


mel - November 30

my lmp suggests March 28, but they always calculate that as though all women have 28 day cycles. mine cycle is like 32 days, which would put my due date closer to April 1st or 2nd. anyway, that's what I'm hoping for because April 2 is my b-day!!!


Jessica - November 30

My due date is March 28, 2006. It has stayed the same through out my pregnancy. I am 23 weeks pregnant and so excited about my little boys arrival. I woke up this morning and thought about how soon he would be here. Wow. I hope to have him in March and not go over but we shall see. Congratulations to all of you mommies!!


21 WKS - November 30



erin - November 30

My due date is March 25 but I went a week over with my last one, so that would put me on April 1. I think it would be neat to have an April baby but I also don't want to go too far overdue. My husband's birthday is April 12 so as long as it's born before then!


jas - December 1

I started out with a March 15th due date, but it changed 4 times since to April 3, March 20, April 2 to the 31st of March. I know he'll get here when he wants to - like his brother 11 years earlier. I think April would be nice as that's the month dh and I got together and have been together ever since (17 years later). April 1st wouldn't be so bad. My grandfather whom I never met (he died before I was born, but am told that I take after a lot) was born April 1st, so that would be cool. Believe me, I am not all that concerned when he comes, just very thankful he is on the way. This is my 6th pregnancy with one live birth 11 years ago. I am 34 and feel too old for this again sometimes...


ks - December 1

To jas - I'm 34 too and I know what you mean about feeling too old sometimes. I have a daughter who is almost 14 and didn't think I would ever have anymore. This was totally unplanned but a pleasant surprise after I got over the shock, but I find myself wondering sometimes if I'm too old - my daughter will be 18 in a few years and here I am starting over. But I figure everything happens for a reason so I will just try to be the best mommy I can be and enjoy my little gift!


sara - December 5

I am due the 31st too. I think April would be nice since I am having a girl. April reminds me of Spring and new things being born and nature comes to life where to me March is dead.


Terra - December 6

jas- I'm due march 30th.. so who knows I could go before april or in april. I'm now almost 24wks, *starting by my calender thurs'*


Brittany - December 7

im due march 31st too!hope its not a April fools baby!


Shana - December 7

I am due March 30 but would rather it be in April; only b/c I work in accounting and the end of the fiscal year is March 31 and I am very busy at that time. My anniversary is April 3 so if he comes around that time it means dh and I could never go out of town for an anniversary weekend b/c it would fall around his b-day. Oh well, either way, he'll come when he's ready. As long as he is healthy nothing else matters.


Tess - December 7

I just wanted to say Hi to all of you ladies here! Im due in May :o)


ry - December 7

Hi! I am due April 8th, and March would be good. I also feel sooner than better-but of course not to early! This is my first though so it will probably be later than sooner. ;)



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