March April Moms Are You Showing

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ry - December 7

Just wondering if any of you March/April mommies are showing yet. I am due April 8th (22 weeks pg) and am showing a bit. I was pretty small to begin with and gained about 5lbs so far but u can see my belly sticking out when i wear a tighter shirt. It is exciting! How 'bout you guys?


erin - December 7

I'm due March 25 and I am definitely showing!! I think I am as big now as some women are at the end! But I usually carry all out in front and have had big babies in the past and I expect this one to be the same. I have also gained almost 20 pounds, so that makes a difference too I suppose.


Marlene - December 7

Hi I'm due March 20th and I'm definitely showing. I love it. I've gained 14lbs so far.


Jo - December 7

I'm due April 21, I'm a little over 20 weeks, first baby. I've gained 17 pounds and am starting to get enough of a belly to feel pretty comfortable in maternity shirts! It's exciting! (as long as it doesn't grow so fast it creates too many stretch marks - haha!)


Nichole - December 7

I'm due on March 9th and I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday! I only weigh 135 but at 5 months I was 116. So I think I'm on the right track. I just love looking at myself. My husbands loves to look too. But the only thing he can do is smile and shake his big head. LOL


22 WKS - December 7



Christi - December 7

I am due March 7th.... definately showing.... loving it too!!


Shawna - December 7

I'm due March 27 (or thereabouts, it keeps changing!), and I started showing at about 20 weeks, so 4 weeks ago. When my uterus hit my navel, I sort of popped overnight. This is my first pregnancy to progress this far. It is just now to the point that people feel compelled to touch my belly, and that I don't look foolish in maternity shirts. I am heavy, weighed 214 before pregnancy, and have gained about 7-10 pounds so far... it seems like "all belly." Certain cuts of shirt accentuate it differently, but it is undeniable now. I absolutely love it... I never imagined I could get this far!


britney - December 7

My due date is April 30th I'm almost 20 wks, I have a small frame but as of today I'm all belly, I think It's kind of neat!


to ry - December 7

I'm 21 weeks & been showing enough for a week or two for strangers to be noticing & commenting. I'm not wearing maternity shirts either (they're so girly & ugly, so I just keep wearing slightly large, regular shirts), so it's not like they can tell because of that.


Maria - December 7

I am due on March 16th. Get this the last time that I went to the dr. (about a week and a half before Thanksgiving) he told me to lay off of the sweets this Thanksgiving. I cried.. Needless to say I DIDN'T lay off the sweets.


Heather to Maria - December 8

I am reading these e-mails and wondering now if I have gained to much weight! I went from 118lbs to 142 in 20 weeks, so I have gained about 24 lbs. I started out small, so I thought I was doing well! compared to the rest of thiese women though I wonder if thats really so, you know I think every women is different, as long as you are feeling well and your baby is doing well eat what you want! Being so hungry compared to before pregnancy and being sick also eating what one wants is sometimes the best alternative to not eating enough. Besides when in your life are you ever going to have the chance to eat when you want if you want as apposed to if you should, ever again? Eat well, enjoy your little baby moving and developing inside you and if your doctor makes you feel anymore uncomfortable tell him you will find a new one!


to Maria - December 8

That's f*cked up! Did he just a__sume that you eat sweets or did you tell him? Anyway, eat what you're craving, as long as you eat the healthy stuff even more. Doctors only know so much about being pregnant... especially if they're women who've never been preg or if they're men. I trust my body way more than I'd ever trust a doctor.


Chloe - December 8

I will be 24 weeks this Saturday and am due on April 2, I am not really showing that much I mean you can kinda see a little bump there but not too much there!! I am waiting I hear everyone just wakes up with a huge belly I keep waiting.......


mel - December 8

I'm 24 weeks and I feel HUGE! There's no mistaking that I"m pregnant and people keep making comments that they don't think I'll make it to my due date. I heard all that with my 1st pregnancy too, and if the doctor hadn't induced 2 weeks after my due date, I think I'd STILL be carrying him! my doctor also makes comments to me about gaining too much weight but I just laugh at him. I quit smoking and drinking for this pregnancy AND my last pregnancy and if I replace those vices with a chocolate bar or some hot wings......SO BE IT!!! :-)


L - December 8

I'm 22 wks and due April 14th. I'm just starting to show. It looks more like a beer belly than a pregnancy bump. I'm still wearing my fat clothes but bought 2 pairs of maternity pants last weekend. Maternity tops still look too large.


Stacy - December 9

Hi, I am 24 weeks and have gained about 13 ponds. I was very small to begin with so I look like I am hiding a turkey under my shirt. :-)



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