March Lucky Charms Part 8

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Chris1975 - November 13

Well girls, looks like the Febs have moved on to 3rd Tri board...and you know what that means!!!!!! WE ARE NEXT!! WAHOOOO!!


Chris1975 - November 13

SARAH - ive emailed you for pwd to new piczo :)


Mel Page - November 13

Morning girls, chris - thanx for the new thread the last one was way loooong! Well I'm going on my 25 week mark, will be there in 5 days.My girl and I are both doing suppurbly and she's a wriggler of note LOL. I would also like to have the pa__sword for the new site if possible, but dont have anybody's email addy to get it from??


Chris1975 - November 13

Hey Mel, i think sarahs email was ilbagel at gmail dot com...thats where i emailed anyway :) Im sure she can confirm latr when shes online if im wrong :)


Mel Page - November 13

Thanx Chris XxXxX


Question - November 13

OMG- We are on our way to 3rd Tri? YEAH! Beanie Boo has been calm when I'm settle lately, but when I'm up and about, she gives me those kicks and punches. I guess that's good, because I've gotten some excellent sleep in the past 2 days! Mel- CONGRATS on your 25th mark!!!! Erica


Rainbowbrite - November 13

Good morning ladies! how are you all doing? I was just wondering who has all registered at all? I have been having that serious urge to go and register! I've been major online browsing while here at work and i'm not sure how much longer i can take it! lol... I see all these cute little outfits i could be getting her when in actuality i need to be focusing on other stuff! But geez it is hard to not look at all the baby clothes i could be buying for her!


ACG - November 13

Erica: Lil Jack does the opposite - very quiet when I'm mobile but kicks up a storm when I'm still! K2: I've been doing a lot of online browsing myself and also have the serious urge to register. I started a registry online at Babies R Us, but so far I only have one thing in there - a nursing pillow. It's a good way to keep a list of stuff you need/want, even if no one's looking at it yet. I have an ob appt at 1:15 - just your standard check-up. Catch up with you girls later! -April


My1stBaby - November 13

Good morning ladies. How is everyone doing? We are almost in the third tri already time has gone go fast!!!! I have not registerd yet. I have been looking online too while at work. Getting so anxious


ACG - November 13

Wow, I was just looking at a calendar and realizing that I'll be in the 3rd tri in 2 weeks. I can't believe it's here already! As slow as the 1st tri went, the 2nd seemed to fly. 'Just got back from the ob. All's well. Baby Jack kept "running away" from the doppler, and the nurse had to start over counting 3 times. It made me laugh. 'Have to do the glucose tolerance test next month as well as another u/s to check on the position of the placenta. I'm certainly not complaining about having another u/s! -April


ACG - November 13

I just added my page to our new piczo site. You can pa__sword protect your page, too, so I made my pa__sword the same as the one for our login. -April


Astra - November 14

Morning ladies. Yesterday I spent some time with her friend and her little girls. Every time I held one of them on my lap little Jr. was kicking and moving and shaking inside it was so interesting. I was joking that he is feeling jelous already. My friend said that when she was pregnant with her first every time she held a baby the little one inside would kick. Has anyone had this experience?


jennifer_33106 - November 14

Hey guys!! I keep updates on you guys wondering how you are doing and I wanted to tell you that right now, Krissy dosent have access to the internet. She is on maybe once a week or less. Her pregnancy is going well! She is or should be about 9 weeks now. I talked to her the other day and he has an appt soon. I am sorry to hear about all the drama going on with your piczo! That sucks!! What is the new addy to it if you dont mind me asking? I dont know why someone would try to corrupt it like that. So sad. Oh and also I dont know if you all noticed but on the infant forum their was someone stealing pics of u/s and such, so I would suggest right click protecting the entire site. :)


Rainbowbrite - November 14

HI ladies! I am excited! We are going to go and do our baby registry this weekend and i'm soooo unbelievably excited! But with that said i was wondering if maybe any of you could think of anything that might be out of the ordinary that i might want to put on the registry that i might overlook or not think about being a first time mom? Or anything other than the usual baby registry stuff??? I'm glad to hear Krissy's pregnancy is doing well!!! she so deserves a happy and healthy baby!!!! How is everyone else doing? Anyone have anything major or exciting happening soon???


Nanazi - November 14

hello, hello Mommies. Been missing you guys but my exams have had me busy, writing my last one tom. Welll, something exciting on my side is that we can see the baby move from the outside awesome...which bottles are better NUK or Avent? Was just wondering about that lately...otherwise we are well, SA's getting warmer and's gonna be a hot summer i can tell. anyways, have a great evening:-)Congrats to Krissy on her pregnancy, i wish her all the best. Time really does fly...we are almost in the 3rd tri. Yoooo!


ACG - November 14

ASTRA: That is so cool about your lo kicking with kiddos on your lap! My counsin's coming to visit with her baby for tg. I'll give it a try. JENNIFER: thanks for the update on Krissy. I'm so glad to hear that she's doing well. K2: The only thing I can think of (I've never used it being a 1st timer myself) is a "Brest Friend" nursing pillow if you intend to b___st feed. Everyone I know, including my yoga instructor, swears by them. Apparently, they really help support the baby and your back and make first-time b___st feeding a lot easier. -April


ACG - November 14

That should be "cousin's" not "counsin's." Sheesh, I hate it when I don't proofread! - April



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