March Mommies

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Christi - November 1

I'm 19...and 21 weeks pregnant. I am due March 15th. How are all of you March mommies coping???? I'm swelling in the feet pretty badly.... still very tired....wondering about the rest of you ladies....


Jessica - November 1

HI Christi I am 22 and 19 weeks pregnant. I am due March 28th and feeling great. I found out last week that my baby is a healthy boy!! I have picked out Logan for his name for now but we will see if it sticks. I dont have any swelling yet but sleeping is getting to be a pain in my b___t. Hes worth it though!! I have gained about 10 pounds and I am showing pretty well. I havent felt a distinct kick yet but I feel him moving around all the time. Hope to hear from the rest of you March Mommies!


Charlene - November 1

I am 22 weeks today and feel very good, but like you Jessica, I am now having trouble sleeping. I was a tummy sleeper, so sleeping on my sides is tough. I cannot seem to saty comfy for long periods. I find that my hipsa re sore as well as my back, but yes, it will all be worth it. I am not finding out what the gender of baby is. I think it will be a nice surprise, a bonus for all that labor pain. Besides, we can't change what it is, we'll be happy with a healthy baby. March seems so far away sometimes, but close at others. I am attempting to have the baby room completed by the end of January at the latest. I have alot of stuff to get done before then. We start prenatal cla__ses in january too. Sometimes this just does not seem real either. I am glad that it is now cool outside and am waiting for the snow. I have a big golden retriever who absolutely loves the snow. He has made winter fun again. A real joy. He has brought such joy to my life, and I can only imagine what a baby will bring (besides the sleepless nights!!) Have a great day all.


Lisa - November 1

Hi everyone! I'm due March 21st and we found out yesterday we're having a girl! I feel good except for migraines every now and then. More than anything though, I just find myself daydreaming about this little baby inside me and how life will be when she gets here, and I love watching my belly grow. I just started showing last week and I'm really excited that I look pregnant now instead of just like I've grown a beer belly!


Marlene - November 1

Hi I'm 19 and 20wks pregnant. I'm having a boy and his name will be Malachi Preston. Sleep isnt that bad for me I've gained about 10pounds but the doctor wants me to gain 35-40. I feel him kicking everyday and am showing pretty nice myself. I just cant wait to see his face!! keep in touch


Christi - November 1

Its a relief to know someone else is having hip pains besides myself... I thought it was a little abnormal. My back aches and my feet swell... I'm so tired but still can't sleep... the gas is the My little minature chihuahua has become very attatched and protective over my buldging belly. You can tell he knows I am pregnant. I just wonder what its going to be like once the baby is here. I ahvent started on my nursey yet... but I have pleanty of ideas. On Oct. 24th I was told they were 85% sure it was a girl...If it is indeed a girl, her name will be Aarlynn Denise. I go back on October 7th for another hopefully they can be more positive about the gender... until then, I dont feel comforatable enough to start the nursey. I am anxious to start shopping and working on it!!! That's the exciting part. I too have dreams about my baby... along with very strange and wild dreams. I heard pregnant women have wild dreams... I suffer from Everyone says the second trimester is the best... I still feel pretty c___ppy quite honestly. Everything doctor-wise is fine though... I dont know.


Heather - November 1

Hi Everyone! I am 21w 4d due on March 10th. We found out last week that we are having a boy - Carter Hendriks. I have had a very easy pregnancy so far (knock on wood). My only complaints have been migraines and terrible carpal tunnel. Like some of you, I am having a hard time with sleeping. I am a tummy sleeper as well and I find it very hard to sleep comfortable on my side. Also, about 2 min after I lay down my whole arm is asleep from the carpal tunnel!! Hopefully I will get used to it soon! :) Or I am just getting prepared for all of those sleepless nights. LOL We are having a house built right now that shouldn't be ready until March! So, we will either be moving while I am about to burst or with a newborn. Needless to say, the nursery won't be all painted and ready for him when he arrives but hopefully it will be soon afterwards. Lookin' forward to keepin in touch with all of the other March Mommies! Wow! Mommy sounds so cool - I can't wait to hear those words!!!!


Lisa - November 1

Hi Christi! I am 22 week pregnant, due March 07th. We are having a little girl and I'm very excited. My pregnancy has been pretty great so far; no morning sickness or anything like that. I only have problems at night with my shoulders falling asleep and I have to keep rolling over all the time. I have gained 10 pounds so far and I've got a nice little belly happening! I've felt her move and kick quite a bit in the last week so I live for those moments!


Kathleen - November 1

I'm 19 weeks pregnant. I'm just now getting over my "all day" sickness. The only things that bother me are occasional headaches and sleep. I'm up every hour-2 hours to go to the restroom. Or I just wake up in the middle of the night a few times, unable to feel tired again for a while...oh well, it's worth it!!!


Christi - November 2

Hi ladies... I slept almost all day today, which was great. I feel well rested... but I fear I wont be able to sleep tonight. I did ask my doctor last week whe I went if I could take Tylenol PM... she said it was okay... as long as I didnt make it an every night thing. So for you ladies who are having a hard time sleeping... you could resort to the at night... if you feel it'll help you get some shut-eye!!!


Rhonda - November 2

Christi,i am due on March 15th,i am having a ankles keep swelling and heart burn knocking on my door.and i stay so tired i could sleep all day,but other than that everything is AOK


Christi - November 3

Good morning ladies... I have just gotten to work. I couldnt sleep at all last night... my ribs hurt so bad, along with my hips, and even my feet. I am so moody... I can hardly stand myself. Hi Rhonda... congrats... weird... we're both expecting girls on March 15th. Congrats...


Melissa - November 3

Hi Christi. I'm 19 also and 22 weeks pregnant, almost 23 weeks now. I'm due march 5th. It seemed like all the other march sites have lost interest for most of the ladies that were on them. This little one has been kicking like mad for the last 3 weeks or so. I love watching it move around when I lie down. It's amazing. Gosh it feels like I'm the only one who didn't find out the s_x. We were told that bubs was a very healthy baby and that was all we wanted to know, until now. We want to know so that we can start organising things, but too late. I'm luckily enough to still be able to sleep on my stomach. Well sort of. If I lie on my stomach with one leg bent to the side, it takes some of the pressure off, and it makes it easy to sleep still. I didn't realise that there were quite a few younger mums on here. I hope you are all well. I must rest. If I don't lie down for about an hour before going to bed, bubs decides that it's time to start rolling around. It kept me awake for 3 hours last night. And with work, I can't handle it. Stay healthy


Charlene - November 3

Morning all, Melissa, like you I do a sort of side tummy sleep for as long as I ca handle, but I still do end up tossing and turning alot. At least I am not up most of the night in the bathroom - that I hear is coming again in trimester 3 - yippee!! :>) I have just started to feel movement and can't wait to actually see it - I think that will be something very special to share with hubby. So far, it seems to be quite removed for him. But he is so happy about this anyway. I still have many times that I do not feel like this is real. It is so strange and still very scary. Sorry Christi about your rough night. It definitely doesn't help that you have to work in the morning. We have to get up at 5am to be at work so having little to no sleep is awful. I find that I am just so tired now in the evenings and I still cannot get used to this time change and it has been 4 days. Started to heare Christmas commercials now that halloween is over, per haps in the US you are not getting these yet since you still have Thanksgiving coming up. Cannot believe how close Christmas is - wow - where has the fall gone? Well, have babble enough...have a great day everyone


Christi - November 3

Good morning again, ladies. I'm still at work... dreaming about my bed. I keep daydreaming about my favorite pajamas. They are so comforatable. Its just an oversized white T-shirt and a very large pair of thin pajama pants I got from Wal-mart... if I could wear them all the time I would. My day hasnt gotten much better yet. This office is so hot... everyone keeps telling me I am crazy because I'm warm...I've been getting the whole "it's the baby making you warm..." The thermostat was set up to 79 degrees. Even if I wasnt pregnant that would be too warm for me!!! I keep walking outside... it may be chilly, but at least I can breathe out Melissa, I completely understand the going to bed an hour early thing... my baby likes to do flips at night as well. Actually, any time I lay down she decides its gymnastics practice. I told my boyfriend if she does this after shes born, we're in for it. I go back on the 7th for another ultrasound because she was moving around so much they couldnt get all the measurements they needed.I actually watched her do summersaults in my stomache. It was funny. The tech was getting so aggrivated because the baby kept flapping its arms and wiggling around. Busy little thing. Its cool though... another ultrasound means another chance to see my little one. I have found that to be one of the greatest things about being pregnant. I love seeing my boyfriend watch the ultrasound. He is already a proud daddy, even though he cant physically hold the baby. I cant wait until the day he does get to hold her. When he found out it was a girl, I dont think he could have been any happier. He wants a girl so bad. He's already looking for a chast_ty belt He's 27... I'm I suppose hes worried our daughter will end up like Anyway.... I better go pretend that I am busy here... I am at work and


anita - November 3

hi ladies! i am 21wks tomorrow and due mar.17. i'm actually feeling pretty good most of the time, but i'm having trouble sleeping. i can't seem to get comfy. i hate sleeping on my sides b/c my arms fall asleep & i want to sleep on my back but thats supposed to be bad for the baby, so i try not to do that. alot of times i find myself twisted in a position almost on my stomach, but half on my side. i also think i'm feeling the baby kick. but its not the fluttering sensation so many women discribe, so i'm not sure if its kicking or its just gas. well, enough about me. congrats. to everyone and i hope we all have happy, healthy and successful pregnancies.


Heather - November 3

Hi All! How is everyone doing? Christi, I'm sorry you are having so much trouble sleeping. Luckily, I am still able to sleep ok. I have been having a lot of stomach issues the past couple of days which is getting very annoying. I think I am getting pay back for not ever getting morning sickness. For the past week, it seems like everything I eat just goes right through me. It is even making me lose my appet_te. Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy. I hope everyone is having a good day! Tomorrow is Friday, YAY!!!!



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