March Mummys Do U Know Already The Sex Of Ur Baby

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tan - October 24

i'm due on march 20th. 7 days leter i'll know the s_x of my baby. wht about u guys? i heard most of the march mummy's are having a baby girl. is that true? just interesting to know about it. thanks everybody. best of luck.


Lisa - October 24

I'm due March 07th and I'm having a girl!


~*sunny*~ - October 24

We are having our ultrasound this Friday, I will be 21 weeks then. I decided as soon as I found out I was pregnant that I didn't want to know the gender of the baby until it makes it entrance!! I'm the sort of person that has to shake, touch etc a Christmas present trying to guess what it is, so how I am gonna wait another 19 weeks til I meet this lil person, be it a boy or girl is beyond me!! ;)


Charlene - October 24

I am due March 7 and am waiting until then to find out !!! I figure the extra surprise will be well worth the wait


Tamara - October 24

I'm due March 13th and we're having a BOY! We found out on October 12th. We decided to find out so we can really plan everything and get his room ready for him in boy colors. Have a good ultrasound, tan.


Jessica - October 24

I am due March 28 and I find out Wednesday morning at 8:30!!!! I cant wait. Only two more days and I hope they go by really fast. I will let you know then!!


K - October 24

I'm due March 7 and I'm having a girl!


kl - October 24

i am due march 3rd and my little one is stubborn...he/she is keeping it a secret


mls - October 24

I'm due March 28th. we too are waiting till the baby reveals itself to us. for what it's worth, I "feel" like I"m having a girl. i was correct with my first one as well, so we'll see. my sister is due March 24 and she's having a boy.


Varsh - October 24

I am due march 22, we r having a BOY!!!. So excited when we saw our active boy in ultrasound


wow - October 24

due in march too. having a boy. I havent been keeping up with the weeks or anything, cant believe I only have 19 weeks to go as pointed out in that post earlier.


~*sunny*~ - October 25

Yups wow, only 19 more weeks!!! It seems like yesterday that I was sat looking in shock at those two tell tale blue lines on the test. We are due 9th March, it's our first. Someone said to me only the other day that the time is going to fly by from now on, especially with christmas in between it all. My instinct tells me I'm having a boy, but everyone else is adament it's a girl because of how sick I have been up until now. I can't wait to meet this lil person that's for sure!!


Tracey - South Africa - October 25

Due March 20th as well.....haveing a girl....after two boys I feel blessed. Will have a caesar though on the 11th March (my birthday) excited!!!


Christi - October 25

Due March 12th.... I was told 85% chance girl... going back on the 7th for another excited!!!


andrea - October 25

Due March 13th and IT'S A BOY! I didn't want to find out, but my boyfriend did, so I gave in. Men are SO impatient. To anyone who is unsure whether to find out-my advice is DON"T. I didn't with my first and it made the delivery that much more "wow-ish". *my opinion only*


mls - October 26

Hey Sunny. as far as everyone being "adament" that you're having a girl. don't listen. I just knew my first one was a boy and EVERY SINGLE PERSON around me thought it was a girl. ultrasound even said girl. got my little man though. mommy knows.


Lindsay - October 26

Well my due date is March 8th and we are having a BOY. I am 22 weeks now and we found out at 18 weeks. Congrats to everyone and best of luck in your pregnancy.... BTW are all of you feeling your little ones move alot now... I know I feel my little man every day.. It is such a great feeling. His kicks are getting a lot harder now.



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