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SHAY - October 26

Married women pregnant are you going to name your babyboy after your Husband a jr i'm going to name my babyboy after my husband his 1st baby. yes or no


Amy - October 26

No dh does not want a jr


Shay - October 26

Amy i won't to name the baby but not my dh name but he say he won't the name after him so what can i say.


kr - October 26

Go ahead. I would if the gender were appropriate.


rl - October 26

no this is my hubby's first and we are not doing the jr thing I hate that idea not that there is anything wrong with it I just don't like it


shelly - October 26

We decided to give the baby my dh middle name, and the baby's middle name will be his 1st name. That sounds confusing!! My dh name is Patrick Evan, and we're naming the baby Evan Patrick


Lindsay - October 26

yes. we are naming our son after hubby but our son will be the IV


Lisa - October 26

No, I don't like the "junior" on the end of a name.


jackie - October 26

My husband doesnt want a we decided to name our baby boy Nomar which is backwards for Ramon (my hubbies name) it sounds nice in english & spanish which was a plus for us :)


d - October 26

My husband was a__suming we would name the baby after him, because it is a family name (his father and grandfather have the same name, too!!) I am refusing to do so because I am not crazy about the name or the possible nicknames it may generate, plus I kind of feel like since the baby will have his last name, at least I can pick out the first name!


Tess - October 26

No, my hubby does not want a Jr.


Lora - October 26

We are planning on naming our boy a Jr. My husband is very excited about this. It was my idea to name him Jr. but my husband said it made him feel trully loved that I cared about him so much that I wanted to give our son the same name.


B - October 27

I also don't like my husband doesn't like his name anyways. I have a friend who did the jr thing and now they call him Junior ugh!


Rebecca - October 27

My husband and I aren't crazy about the jr thing either. My husband's name is Christopher Paul and our baby's name (if it's a boy) will be Chase Christopher.


Ashley - October 27

We aren't doing the jr part but we are continuing with the middle name. In dh's family it goes: Howard David Sr, Howard David Jr, Jonathan David (my dh) and if this is a boy - Samuel David. I do not mind the name Jonathan for a son at all but it would be confussing and plus, his whole family really dislikes John and Johnny. Lol, so I might push for Zane the next time around, which is a variation of John!! ;)


Crystal - October 27

No, we don't want a junior or a duplicate name. Instead we are incorporating different family members names for middle names to carry on a tradition.


Nicole - October 27

My husband is a Jr...and hates being named after his farther. When he was young he went by Ronnie and now that he is older he goes by Ron. When they are together it is to confusing. I am glad he doesn't want to name this baby Ron too. Could you imagine family reunions? I think my baby deserves his own name. If your husband wants the baby named after him I would suggest the middle name.



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