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Susan W - June 10

I've just now at 20 weeks, realized I need to wear some maternity clothing, but I despise everything I wore the first time around and much of it doesn't fit my lifestyle now as a SAHM/PT worker. I have plenty of T-shirts, but I wanted some that were a little nicer than Hanes or whatever to wear to work. So off I went last night to Motherhood Maternity. I liked some of the T-shirts there, and they were on sale. I picked up two, as the sale was buy 2 for $9 each. As I was leaving, I looked at the receipt. I was charged full price for each of them. . . . Turns out you have to buy 2 shirts that are IDENTICAL, other than color, for the sale to be valid!! . . .I bought a V neck and a crew neck -- same price, same material otherwise. Sheesh. . . . .The sale sign is not clear on this, so I thought I would post it somewhere a lot of women would see it and know what to expect if they opt to buy some of the same shirts.


lexa - June 10

That's good to know. I love how stores rip you off by not specifying that up front!


Jen - June 10

Oh, just the other day I went to Motherhood and bought a shirt and then the cashier tried to get me to buy another so I could get the sale price. Good thing I refused.


Mingill - June 10

I was going to head to motherhood this week, I'll keep my eye out for this. I also work retail, and I know often the sales signs are vague, but it's head office (same with the clerk trying to get you to buy another item). Often we don't like it, but it's part of the job. Susan W., could you return the one shirt? I'm not sure about Motherhood, but I know my store has a no ha__sel return policy.


eclipse - June 10

Yes, I've had that problem before. Motherhood Maternity can be frustrating that way, and I seem to always pick the one item on the rack that isn't supposed to be there and not on sale. :) Hey, try Burlington Coat Factory if you have one near you. They have a surprisingly large selection of maternity clothes, but a word of warning-I don't think you can return them except for a store credit, so make sure they fit. Online you can however.


Susan W - June 10

Yes, I could return the shirts, but then it sorta leaves me in the dilemma I was in :( But I'm irritated enough that I haven't washed them yet!! . . MM return policy is anything new within 10 days, anything else (like sale items) not at all. I usually go somewhere else, but I was desperate :)


venus_in_scorpio - June 12

ive never had that problem with motherhood they only problem there so far is their prices in general. I do love their clothes though they flatter you when youre first pregnant but not showing just look fat then they flatter you when you get big.


Erin333 - June 12

Susan, I did the same thing as you this past Saturday. I a__sumed that we could get ANY 2 teeshirts for 9.99, since that is what the sign says. I picked up a V neck and a crew neck, luckily my cashier informed me before charging me that I had to buy two of the same shirts to get the deal. I put back the V neck since it was a dollar more and just got 2 crew necks instead. Too bad your cashier couldn't be a little more helpful. I mean that is their job, right!


Susan W - June 12

Erin, no kidding. You and I made the same a__sumption, which is a fair a__sumption from what the sign says. If they had told me before I paid, I would have gone back and found a crew neck in another color :( . .. Personally, I do not like MM clothing. It's poorly made -- I have a nursing shirt that all the snaps came off of on the first wearing (and they would not let me return it because I had worn it), and everything from my first pregnancy looks worn already, and I launder my clothes carefully. But when you're desperate . . . And I figured, how could T shirts be a problem?? . .. But anyhow, just be careful of the sale, ladies, and good luck finding something you like!!


Lilu - June 12

Thanks for the info... $9 is cheap for 2 t-shirts.


Perl - June 12

Thanks for the warning Susan. I just bought some stuff at MM and didn't even see the t-shirts. Where else is a good place for maternity clothes shopping? I just discovered Old Navy has some super cute maternity clothes but where is a good place to buy quality business suits? MM doesn't have any.


SuzieQ - June 12

Do any of you have an Old Navy near you? I have one here in B.C. (canada) and they have an excellent return policy. Plus, their sale signs are quite clear. they don't have floor staff though, so that's the only negative about them really.


Mingill - June 12

I shop at Thyme Maternity (only in Canada though and no online ordering) and they have professional looking items. I have also found that looking in the plus section of stores, you can find tops with a nice bit of stretch in them that look professional. I agree with Erin, the clerk should have said something, I always clarify stuff like that for the customer before I swipe the card. I love old navy mat clothes, and they seem to have a lot online as well (even more than in the store). Gap Maternity has cute things, but most of it is casual. What about big stores like Walmart and Target? I'm not sure how good the quality is though.


bhouchen - June 12

I have been getting all of my stuff for Old Navy. I love it. They have t shirts, pants (dressy and not so dressy), cool tops for summer and you can pick up some flip flops. But if you check them out online, decide what you want and then go to the store to buy. Sometimes it is cheeper and you don't have to pay for shipping.


Kara H. - June 13

I have had problems with the MM retail stores too, but I love their sale section of the on-line store. I have had much better luck there. I too have found some great things at Burlington Coat Factory. And very reasonable. I don't think I have spent more than $16 on any item. I really liked Old Navy when I first started showing at 16wks, but now that I am 30wks nothing fits me in the b___t and thigh. Its not like I have gained a ton of weight either, it just that my pelvis is starting to spread. Now I have all these cute pants from ON that don't fit. What a waste of money!


Kara H. - June 13

Target is almost always picked over, regardless which one you are at. BUT...I am really happy with the maternity swimsuit I got there. I don't know if you ladies have been shopping for one yet, but they are pricy! The one I got at Target was only $30. Our Wal-Mart's stuff is cheaply made, but you can get away with their peasant skirts, tank tops and gauzy shirts during the summer months.


Susan W - June 13

LiLu, the T shirts are $9 each, which is still a good price, but not as good as $9 for 2 :) . . . I worked FT during my first pregnancy, and I found some stuff at Gap Maternity that looked rather professional, but I did outgrow it around 7 months or so. That said, I was well on my way to a 66 lb weight gain (!) for an 11.5 lb baby. .. . I have a good Target near me, and the items I bought during my first pregnancy from Target are the only ones I still like! Those are the best jeans, imho. . .. If any of you feel like, pop into a bookstore and take a peek at the book "Baby Bargains" as it has a whole section on GOOD places for maternity clothing and ideas for what you really need. I loaned mine out, or I would go through it and make a list.



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