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Jenn711 - February 23

Does anyone else out there still fit into their regular clothes at 5 and a half months?? They're a little bit tighter but they still fit. No maternity clothes yet.


disko love - February 23

nope... can't say i do but would have welcomed that with open arms rather than open zippers on my pants!!! hahaha is this your first baby? have you gained much weight? this is my fourth baby so i know that is the reason why i started to show and clothes didn't fit around month two for me. you are so lucky! enjoy it while it lasts cuz maternity clothes aren't the most fun and attractive! lol


ShoppingForTwo - February 23

I'm right there with you Jenn. My jeans don't fit perfectly but I can definitely zip and b___ton them. I have a bunch of maternity clothes from my last pregnancy that I never really got to wear so I'm excited to start wearing them, next month or April maybe.


Jenn711 - February 23

It is the first, and so far I've gained about 7 pounds. to ShoppingForTwo: its good to know I'm not the only one! how much weight have you gained so far? are you showing a lot yet?


ShoppingForTwo - February 23

I'm currently at my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost about 10lbs in the 1st 15 weeks and at my appointment last week the nurse said I had offically gained it all back. So I technically gained 10lbs but I don't know if that really counts. Nope I'm not showing yet. My tummy looks bloated but not pregnant. . . Yet. I'm 21w3d soooo ANYDAY NOW!


meg - February 23

Unfortunately yes! I'm nearly 23 weeks with number 2 & haven't gained much at all. I've always been fairly slender, & one of my favorite things about pregnancy is getting a big belly...I wish it would hurry up!


kay101 - February 23

I envy you all!


krissy2006 - February 24

I'm jealous! I'm heading toward the beginning of my 7th months and have been wearing maternity clothes since about 13-16 weeks. UGH!


QueenBeeMama - February 24

NO! I am 19 weeks, but have been wearing maternity jeans since 12 weeks, I gave up, it's just way more comfortable! But I can still wear my yoga pants & track suits in their regular sizes, anything stretchy & soft, I can put it over my belly or under. I can wear a lot of my regular shirts, as well, as long as their are longer in the belly, but not anything with b___tons. Yesterday I wore a casual cordoruy suit jacket that I love with a regular tshirt, I just left the jacket unbottoned. Looked really cute with my baby belly! So, regular shirts - yes, regular jeans, NO WAY, not with baby #3! I'm a stay at home mom with 2 boys, and I have to admit it's easier with a more casual wardrobe. If I was working it would be so much harder to get by with regular suits & pants, that kind of stuff dosen't "adjust" easily.


treshala - February 24

Im 37 weeks and still wear my regular jeans...i have a few maternity tops but most of my tops are from junior section just a larger size (medium). So you are ok...i have 2 pair of small maternity jeans but they are TOO big and fall off me.


amma2b - February 24

wow..some of you must be lucky!! this is my first pregnancy and i had gained only 3 lbs when i was 19 wks...and yet i couldn't fit into any of pants. i started wearing maternity pants when i was 17 wks.looks like my belly & baby had grown considerably without putting much weight on me :-)


treshala - February 24

I think mine is due to me being sick in the beginning. I started my pregnancy weighing 138 lbs and during first trimester (up to week 14) i got down to 121 lbs and now i weigh 148. So ive gained 27 pounds but its all belly. thats why i can still wear all my pants


cors1wfe - February 24

I have been in maternity pants since about 9-10 weeks - but wore maternity shirts once I went to work they just looked better. This is my third baby so I knew I wouldnt' be in my regular pants for long - I do however still fit into all of my stretchy clothes like lounge outfits and pj's I just found a super cute polka dot outfit at motherhood with legging type pants - I love it and so long as I don't spill anyfood on it I will be able to wear it til the end. Old navy has tons of cute maternity stuff and you can get it online and when they have a sale it's great.


sugar - February 24

Wow i feel like a pig, i am 14 weeks and have a pot. I can get my normal jeans on but they are so uncomfy after sitting at my desk all day. I just bought a couple of casual jumpers and i think they accentuate my bump. I am addicted to burger king but i don't think my belly is fat. I weigh about 125lb at the mo. I have no idea if im normal or not cuz i have no friends who are pg at the mo??? x x x



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