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joely - November 14

I am 4 months prego and not really showing but having quite a time finding clothes. Everything makes me look so much bigger than I am. I like the empire waitst tops with the tie backs but I can't find any cute ones. Any help out there?


jennifer_33106 - November 14

I got some cute ones from motherhood maternity. Right now is the frustrating time cuz you are too big for pre-pregnancy clothes and still a lil small for full b__wn maternity gear. My advice to you would be though is to make sure you buy stuff that you can grow into. Your tummy will get a lot bigger in the upcoming months. Oh and also try to get maternity shirts that define some sort of waist with a tie in the back thingy or one that has the elastic around it! But anyways try motherhood maternity! They have the cutest things there and are pretty inexpensive!


Astra - November 14

Hi Joley. Do you have H&M where you live? I really like their long and stretchy long sleeve t-shirts. They are 95% cotton and 5% spandex and are super long so they fit over the belly as it's growing. They are soft and super comfie. I have also had luck with some cotton sweaters there, buying one size bigger doesn't make me look huge but fits nicely. Also new york and company has some shirts which are long stretchy and have an emprie like waist in very nice colors. I find old navy's maternity stuff to be pertty true to size and not huge feeling (shirts at least). I had a really hard time finding pants but finally got some gap jeans that fit well. You have to try a ton of stuff before you find what's a good fit for you. I like motherhood clothes but I am pet_te and all their stuff looks huge on me...good luck with the hunt and have fun!


sarah21 - November 14

You can find some pretty cute ones at Kohls, and you can order them online also-- they carry a line by Motherhood, which is another good store. I got most of my stuff from there. I got maternity t-shirts and long-sleeved t-shirts from Target and Walmart.


Cevvin - November 15

Check at jcpenneys, and hurry they wont be carrrying any more maternity clothes, so its all on sale. We got a $38 shirt for $1.97


Stephanie_31 - November 15

I get most of my stuff off ebay. There are some really good online stores.


NewMommyinMay - November 16

I found some really cute things (for very reasonable prices) at Kohls and JCPenneys, as others have mentioned. Also check out Old Navy's site- it looks like they have a lot of cute sweaters and new winter stuff. I'm waiting for stuff to go on sale though. Plus I don't quite need the maternity wear yet, but my regular clothes are already tight so I bought a few things because in just a couple of weeks I will need them! Happy Shopping



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