Maternity Clothes On A Budget

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rhiannon - February 23

does anyone have any tips or advice about pregnancy clothes? places to shop, tips on how to make your own clothes/make alterations, etc etc.


Steph - February 23

Hey! I know that I have found Burlington Coat Factory has the cheapest maternity clothes around where I live, I am in Arkansas, also you can try second hand shops. I also recommend buying some very comfortable pajama pants or sweat pants. They have been the best thing I own for watching tv, cleaning, or just sitting around. I am shapped very weird so I have not been able to benefit from Ebay but I have heard of many people getting lots of clothes for cheap. Hope this helps a bit! P.S. Check your local newspaper for giveaways and cheap clothing, even if its not maternity just buy some that are a couple of sizes bigger! :)


PP - February 24

I am a slightly plus size person so its harder for me. I wore and 18-22 depending on the clothes before pregnancy and I think size does complicate things. My pennysaver or cla__sifieds has tons on clothes on it for very cheap but they are all small medium. If you are like me then budget is based on getting pieces that can be mixed and matched. I have 2 pairs on kahki pants- for work, 2 white under shirts, 3 other T shirts and a pair on denim capri pants. Thay have worked so far and I spent about 80.00 between old navy online and target. I also continue to wear my sweats and stuff. Just be practical and make sure everything matches.


Anne - February 24

I live near a Gap clearance center. I've never paid more than $9.99/item for my maternity clothing. One day I went in and all maternity items were $4.99 or under! Shopping spree! This store also carries Old Navy. If you don't have an outlet like this near you, try thrift stores and consignment shops.


Beth - February 24 sells maternity clothes and they are an ok price, BUT they have a bargain section which is VERY good!


ekay - February 24

I just checked out and their bargain clothes are SOOOO cute!


Beth - February 24

Well hi Ekay, nice to see you venture over here! :0)


Jbear - March 1

I am a large plus size (24) and I have still had great luck finding maternity clothes at thrift stores. I found nine pairs of pants, shorts, etc. all in my size at Goodwill for three dollars or less. When I was pregnant the first time I only had one pair of pants that fit, so I feel really lucky this time!


Maleficent - March 1

if your just starting to get crowded out of your jeans you could try looping a rubber band through the b___ton hole and around the b___ton. i've been doing this and i'm much more comfortable.


danielle - March 2

i have been shopping at also. they have great deals in the bargain section. i don't want to waste $ cause this is my last but there is a 7 year gap in my pregnancies and i have nothing to wear. with this being my 3rd i am stretching faster and i can't wear my husbands stuff cause its all designer clothes that are way too big for me. all in all i have spent about $200 on clothes and i have 6 pants and 10 shirts all from oldnavy. i hope to not buy anymore though. good luck



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