Maternity Clothes Shopping Is A Nightmare

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Jennifer123 - July 12

Where I work I can wear super casual clothes which makes everything very easy. Well when I travel which is a couple times a month I need to be in business casual clothes. I am just now at the point where my clothes are getting too tight so I went out last night to start looking. I hate everything! I'm in between so the shirts made me look like such a fat a** or they had a tie in the back which I know I won't be able to tie on my own. Sure there were some cute shirts if you wanted to drop $85! After an hour of searching I ended up w/ one cute outfit but I still have 3 more to go for my trip on Sunday. I was almost in tears when I left the store. I know it's just the in between looking mega pregnant but it was just dreadful. OK done complaining now!!!


Lilu - July 12

Did you try old navy? They have cute blazers that you can use to dress up outfit. How far are you? You can get the belly band for your pants if maternity pants are still too big for you. And then just where on the maternity shirts that tie in the back. It's not that bad to tie, I have any of them for work.


aggie03 - July 12

I have found that so many "regular" styles right now work perfect. Im wearing empire waist and those super long shirts. and I can wear them after too


venus_in_scorpio - July 12

ive had good luck at motherhood and kohls. i have to be professional or business casual EVERY DAY at work and it sucks... both of those places are pricey but I've found sale racks at both places... paying an average of $15-25 for shirts and $20-40 for pants. i know thats not cheap either but im used to paying that for clothes cuz of where i work. kohls has these awesome maternity pants that are career-ish (and SOOOO flattering to your a$$!!!!!) theyre just a size s, m or l and they have easily operated zippers and belts so they adjust to fit you at 2 months pg - 9 months. freaking awesome!! i know how you feel about the in between stage it sucks between 15-20 weeks when you cant really feel the baby, and you dont look or feel pregnant just at!!! thats how i felt. it will change. your gonna wanna kiss the first persoon who asks when youre due. like wow!!! you knew im pregnant!!! im not just a fatty! (well thats how i was anyways!!) youll be fine. how far along are you? im 21 weeks. ive gained like 20 lbs already LOL. :o)


AshleyB - July 12

I've noticed that normal styles are so hippyish with empire waists and long lengths right now. Just try buying clothes in a bigger size, becuase the hot styles out there right now totally look like maternity anyway. I got lots of stuff at fashion bug and kohls. Good luck. I've also gotten lots of stuff off ebay.


absrose - July 12

I have also had great luck at Motherhood. I have to dress professional everyday so I hear you! Also, try Ross. I know it's pretty hit or miss, but I got 5 shirts for less than $30 bucks total! the maternity section is small, so you may have to ask where it is.


Perl - July 12

I agree!!! I'm having more wardrobe dilemmas now that my belly has popped. I can't even find a single store in my area that has good quality maternity suits--just the cheap crinkly polyester ones with no jackets or no inside lining. : ( I have to order online but then I can't even try on what I'm wearing or feel the fabric. I need light wool or even the thicker polyester suits and can't seem to find them anywhere. I've even resorted to going to regular stores and buying two suits a few sizes up from my regular size and then getting them tailored---add in the tailoring and it gets expensive!!!! I have to agree that one of my favorite slacks came from Kohl's--those expandable slacks with the belts and zippers on the sides will last me throughout this pregnancy.


Gena - July 12

I don't know where you guys live, but I have become OBESESSED with Goodwill. The Goodwills here all get brand new Target clothes w/ tags still on them. Target has really nice maternity clothes that fit me well. I have found dress clothes and casual clothes and always get complemented on them. I had never even been in Goodwill and now I'm on a mission!!


huddie - July 12

Hey ladies! I agree with absrose..I found a few cute tops at Ross for under 5 dollars!! Super cute clothes..also Old Navy has a maternity section..very stylish.


Aviendha416 - July 12

The Gap and Old Navy have maternity lines. Try looking on their websites. I'm also at the point where my belly has popped and nothing fits me comfortably. My chest has gotten so big that I feel like they are litterally jammed into some shirts and popping out of others. Good luck. We're all on the same boat.



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