Maternity Jeans

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ry - October 17

Ok, this may seem like a stupid post but i am really having problems here with maternity jeans. I am a regular (pre-preg) size 3-maybe a 5. I want to buy maternity jeans that are comfortable and I can wear throughout most if not all of my preg. but am having trouble figuring out what size to get. And is it just me or is the butts in all of them huge? If they fit me in the tummy they are huge in the butt and so on......I want to order a pair of Seven maternity jeans but will not spend $150 without knowing what size to get that will be comfortable and flattering. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am running out of time!!! :O


shelly - October 17

How far along are you? I have the same problem, I was a size 3 before and have gained 20 lbs. and still can't find any maternity jeans to fit in. I went to a maternity store and even the smalls had big b___ts on them, I know exactly what you're talking about!!! My best bet was going to Old Navy, they have a maternity section and I bought 2 pairs of jeans there and they were only 20.00 each. Good luck!!


val - October 17

I bought my maternity jeans at Old Navy. I was a size 2 pre-pregnancy and I have only gained a pound but I have a tummy and can't wear my regular jeans. Like you said the b___ts in all of the maternity jeans were huge. I finally got an XS from Old Navy and they fit just fine. But it took me trying all the different belly styles they had to finally find some that fit...the other belly styles were still too big in the b___t and thighs, the only one that fit was the wide elastic band that goes all the way around the top of the jeans. And they were on sale for 25$ so that made it even better.


ry - October 17

thank you so much girls, i am def. heading over there!! i am 15 weeks and have only gained a couple of pounds but my tummy is pretty swollen. my reg jeans are a bit tight, i think its only a small matter of time until i am completely out of them. thanks for your suggestions and i'll let you know if i find any more! :)


Lisa - October 17

I've gotten some 7 maternity jeans! They fit really great and I love them! I bought the same size I wear before I got pregnant and they fit great. I wore a size 28, and I bought a maternity 28 and they are excellent. The reason it looks like you got no b___t really now is because your waist is bigger. I'm constantly pulling up certain pairs of pants I own because my waist is gone now.



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