Maternity Pants

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Rainbowbrite - October 29

I just have a question. Do they sell maternity pants in longs? I went looking this weekend at Shopko and Walmart and every single pair of maternity pants i tried on feels or is too short.... do they actually sell long legged maternity pants or am i just gonna have to walk around and look like my pants are too short for my legs?


Astra - October 29

I think old navy would probably have the long, gap too (which I know are usually pricy but i got a fab pair of preggie jeans on sale for $13!). I have the opposite problem I'm on the short side and need the ankle length. If you are looking for more comfie yoga type pants I also found pants on sale at New York and Comany which are for regular women but fit me and a friend (who is in her 7th month) and i've been wearing at home all the time. I also bought a black pair of these pants which look really great with long loose type shirts/sweaters. They have short and long sizes too...good luck.


Happymommy - October 29

Motherhood Maternity also has long sizes and like Astra said, Old Navy too. GL


hopeful24 - October 30

Motherhood maternity has awesome pants that come in longs. It is the only place that I have found. For awhile I thought people didn't realize that tall people get pregnant too!


jenice - October 30

I don't have an answer for you, but I just wanted to say that I'm short (5'3"), and I find the pants at Walmart often end up looking short on me as well. Anyone taller could probably wear them as capris! (Don't suppose you live somewhere nice and warm where you could get away with that, huh?) Best of luck finding pants! I understand the frustration!


Rainbowbrite - October 30

Oh unfortunately no! We get full b__wn winters and snow and blizzards here... so i am in need of pants... heck at night right now it is getting into the 30s and it will only get colder in to the teens and even zero degrees at times... But yeah looking at Walmart and shopko everything seems to be short and the pants are big on me. I'm not a big girl or a small girl... but the large pants for me are too big and the medium pants for me are very baggy... maybe i'm just thinking they will fit like regular pants except for in the waist and that is not how they are suppose to fit however i do know i shouldn't have to walk around with my ankles showing!!!!


cynthia502 - October 30

I just bought some pet_te Hanes velour type pants at Walmart in a larger size (I am 5' 2", normally a 6 and bought a 12/14) and they are doing well for me. So, maybe they have longs in the same style. Their maternity section was very small and limited, so I decided to try a larger size. I am only 3.5 months along, but pregger with twins, so I am showing like I am 5+ months. It's desperately cold here too (it was 20 last night and 18 the night before) so long pants are a must!!! Good luck in your searching. This is my 4th and last pregnancy and unfortunately my last pregnancy was at the opposite times of the year (as all the others), so there are not many clothes to share. Happy shopping!


VenusdiMilo - October 30

Hey Rainbow, if you have a Target close by you should check the Liz Lange collections or you could shop online. GL!


sarah21 - October 31

I have the same issue, Kristin. I need the talls. They look like highwaters on me, lol. Let me know where you find yours.



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