Maternity Pants What Is The Best Style

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Amy - November 11

OK, I have to get maternity pants and there appears to be many styles: demi-panel, full panel and roll panel. What have you found works best for you?


Lisa - November 11

It all depends on how big you are really and what you feel more comfortalbe in... I have the front panel ones and I also have the ones that wrap all the way around. I have mostly all kinds as certain days I only feel like wearing a certain kind.


B - November 11

I agree w/ lisa it depends on your shape. I LOVE Targets pants because they are crunchy (stretchy) in the back and look like normal pants in the front. The b___ton fits right under my belly b___ton. On the inside sides they have little b___tons to loosen or tighten the waist. I think it is the Liz Lange brand that I am talking about.


erin - November 11

my absolute favourite and the only thing i will buy is pants with a super stretchy elastic waist. you can get them so the elastic isn't obvious so you don't need to worry about covering it up with a long shirt. i have never been able to stand wearing pants with panels.


Lindsay - November 12

Yay for the stretchy, I'm just wearing yoga pants galore right now. :)


A - November 12

I don't know what all those terms mean, but can tell you this: The old school style maternity pants are UGLY! I have to wear them out of necessity (kinda poor), but daaamn, they're hideous! I cover them up with a big shirt. lol


JK - November 13

My favorite are from the Gap - the demi panel is great. I dont like my pants way up high on my waist so these are perfect!


Jill - November 13

Just starting to shop for them, but I like the demi panel too. My problem with the ones that are like "normal" pants, is if you wear a tight top, you see the b___ton. The elastic panels make a nice smooth tummy. Also, I am now wearing jeans that are just bigger in size, and the b___ton digs into me when I sit. The only downside to the demi panel is you need a long enough top. But I think most materntiy tops are long enough. Some brands have cute elastic, like I saw a pair at the Gap and the elastic was striped.


karen - November 14

I don't know what the different styles/panels are called, but my favorites are the ones with the smooth elastic band (about 3 inches wide) all the way around. I can't stand the high-waisted big belly panels either. I also use a bella band with my non-maternity pants, and just wear it over unb___toned/unzipped pants. If my shirt isn't quite long enough to cover, that's OK--it just looks like a white t-shirt at the bottom.


Jennifer - November 14

Hi girls, congrats on your pregnancies! I'm 35 weeks pregnant and huge! Trust me it will happen! Any way I thought I'd drop my 2 cents about maternity pants. I don't like the low waisted pants with the wide band, they won't stay up and you will constantly pull and tug at them and feel like you have "saggy"b___t. As your belly grows this will only get worse.I also hate the full all the way over your belly panel. They are too hot, trust me the bigger you get the hotter you get, and also as you grow larger and your skin stretches it will become very sensative and anything rubbing you will irritate it. Another reason is as your belly gets big it puts alot of pressure on your stomach causing heartburn and just uncomfortable pressure (hard to explain), but that eslastic band sitting right there at the top of your tummy only makes it worse. The most comfortable pant I've found are the ones that sit really low under your belly and are like normal pants in the front with a zipper and b___ton, but elastic in the back. some of the most comfortable and fashionable pants I bought were from Target. They carry mostly pants made in that style. Just thought I'd offer my opinion. As Lisa was saying it probably has something to do with your individual size and body type also.


Lynn - November 14

I agree with Jennifer. The demi panel pants can't seem to stay up on me. I have a pair of demi panel bootcut jeans from Old Navy and a pair of demi panel pants from Gap and I get the saggy b___t with both pairs. Very annoying. I don't especially like the look of the full panel pants, but those are what I've been wearing.


Jill - November 14

To those of you whose demi panel pants are falling down, how far along are you? Maybe your belly is just not big enough for them, but the bump is holding up the full panel? I bought the demi panel in a large (am usually a 12). That makes sense about the full panel digging into your stomach, that would annoy me.


jennifer - November 15

Jill, the demi panel pants have never fit me right, I'm 35 weeks, and although I always felt like I was tugging at them, they were more comfortable earlier in my pregnancy than later. The bigger me belly got the harder they were to keep up and the more they sagged. Maybe it is because I'm short, only 5' 3". It probably has alot to do with your individual body size and height. I don't know what the appropriate name is, but there is a style that has a wide band but comes a little higher than the demi. It sits right at your belly b___ton. They are my second favorite, but I push the front down under my belly. Just experiment with different ones, walk around a while in the dressing room and sit down and bend over to see if they bug you. As you grown larger you will want to be comfortable more than anything.


Jennifer - November 15

Sorry I meant MY belly not ME belly. I sound like an idiot! p.s. If you're one of those girls whose belly b___ton "pops" during pregnancy, then forget my advice about the pant that sit right at the belly b___ton, It would probably rub you raw.


kendall - November 15

yeah demi panel fall down so much i am 26 1/2 weeks and i can't stand them i only wear them because i bought them and i don't want to spend another $30 on another pair of pants i like the jeans where the panel wraps all the way around i got them at old navy and they are my favorite pants ever i think i like them more that my pre-preggo pants (i sound crazy)lol


Tess - November 15

Amy, I guess it would all depends on how far along are you.....Right now I bought some pants from Motherhood Maternity, those ones that I can wear when Im at work (office type of thing) It feels really comfortable for me....Its not a demi-panel, full panel nor roll panel.......They have those really wide band on the waist and feels really comfy. It would go up above your belly. You should try that. Btw, Im almost 14wks pregnant.


Lynn - November 15

I am 25 weeks and I found that the demi panel used to fit better on me when my belly was smaller. I seem to have popped these past few weeks and that's when I started experiencing the problem with my pants falling down all the time.



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