Maternity Smimsuit Need Support

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Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 29

Hello ladies. I am 16 weeks and showing a lot. I just bought a maternity swimsuit and I am nervous about actually wearing it. I am not overweight, but I am also not thin either. Just normal. Any support would be greatly appreciated.


go - April 29

go get 'em tiger! RAR


bobby - April 29



Julie - April 29

I bought a couple of tankini's I normally wear a XS or 2 but I bought a couple in Med. and size 8. The look better than the maternity. I also bought a Maternity and it made me look like an old lady.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 29

This was is actaully cute It is a tankini I guess. It has bikini bottoms and a tank top that "blossums" just a little over the waist. I usually wear a size 10-12 not pregnant so I am jealous Julie!!!!!


++++ - April 29

Personally I don't think that it is nice to brag! it doesn't matter what your size is.


= = = = - April 29

I think Julie is just trying to be helpful ++++, why the hostility? And actually, I think that is a wonderful idea Julie. Thanks!


Audrea - May 1

To whoever ++++ is. I don't think anyone on here is bragging. Just because someone may state their size does not mean it is bragging. Sometimes "I" don't think it is nice to state a negative opinion, especially if "you" were not asked. If you don't like what someone has written then go to another site. It sounds to me as if you may be a little jealous of her small size, and if not then why do you care that she states it. It should not offend you.


rae - May 1

this is my 3rd, and for the first child I took one look at myself in a swim suit and almost cried but beleive me in late pg the water feels wonderful. Now I don't care what I look like if people don't like it bad.


Jbear - May 2

I bought a swimsuit 2 weeks ago and it looked decent. I wore it today to go swimming, and it felt so tight I was embara__sed to wear it.


Carol - May 2

I found a lot of cute maternity swimsuits at pickles and ice cream - they were pricey around $75 - but I guess that really isn't any different than purchaaing a regular one these days. I really liked them and they had a lot of support!


AMANDA - May 2

no matter what size, everyone loves a pregnant belly, it just looks so cute! I was a 10 prepregnancy as well, and just bought a bikini that was bigger (yikes XL) and let the belly shine through! Buy a bathing suit you really like maternity or not and remember that you are beautiful b/c life is growing inside of you!!!!


Julie - May 3

Just wanted to set the record straight that I was not bragging I just wanted to state that you can buy a regular bathing suit a few sizes bigger than your normal size! It worked for me. Like I said I bought a maternity bathing suit and it made me look like an old lady my husband thought I looked ridiculous! I guess I will save it until I am further alone and it probably won't look as funny.


TX Girrrl - May 3

I wear a regular two piece when I'm pregnant and don't give it a second thought. I normally wear a 6 or an 8, so I'm no rail, either. Show that belly off! :)


RAR - May 3

I was just wondering why when someone says a comment others don't like people get so upset. Chill everyone and so what if people are jealous or not it is their right. RAR!!!!!!!


Sonya - May 4

Thank you all for the support. I have decided to take back the one I bought and get on from Old Navy. They have some cute ones online. I'll keep you updated. Thanks again ladies.



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