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TaraO - November 18

Hi Girls, We've made it to the 2nd trimester. I haven't really been on. It's been a wild pregnancy. It's my 3rd baby and its been quite busy lately. I am feeling great right not, finally not so tired. I just recently started feeling some fluttering!!! YAYY! It was the same time last pregnancy that I felt things happening. I go for my 16 week checkup next Monday, and then 4 more weeks until my anatomy ultrasound!!! I am so excited. It really doesn't matter to us what we have. WE have 2 boys now, a 12 year old and an 11 month old, but we are just excited to know what we are having for planning reasons. How is everyone feeling? Anything new in your pregnancies...Mine has been pretty uneventful, except at 7 weeks I started bleeding and cramping, but by the time I got to the dr, it was cleared up and they said everything was fine!!!! So, I feel better. I had a miscarriage in July, so I thought this was another, but everything is good, so far.... How's everyone else????Have a great week, hope to hear some news soon!


gbaileyo7 - November 19

Hey everyone, Im so glad to be out of the first trimester and am hoping that the nausea that ive been feeling leaves soon. It is starting to respond to the medicine im on, so for the first time in about 3 weeks ive actually been able to eat a full meal. Yeeha! Im actually looking forward to wearing maternity clothes, my sister is due at the same time as me and she already has a cute lil belly. I havent seen this side of 140 since before i got married! TaraO, im having my ultrasound in about 4 weeks too! December 21st actually. I have a 19 month old boy and really want a girl. :-) Anyone else craving Chipotle??


angelmarkie - November 20

I'm having a 3D/4D ultrasound on 12/3/09 and am pretty excited, except we don't want to know the gender; we just want to know that everything is OK. This is my 3rd as well, but my two girls will be 11 and 8 when this one comes along. I experienced bleeding at 7 weeks and again at 11 weeks, so I've had a few scares. I'm just about 17 weeks now and have had no more issues.


TaraO - November 20

Glad to hear from you girls. I was bleeding at 7 weeks also, That was the only time - I am just about 16 weeks.. (Monday). I won't have my ultrasound until the 3rd week of December. I just can't wait. I am not craving anything. I am not even hungry this pregnancy. I don't know why? I am eating but not sick or hungry!!! I guess everything is's all growing. I've been in maternity clothes for a while now, since 11 weeks. I am looking forward to wearing regular clothes though!!! Have a good weekend.


gbaileyo7 - November 24

I am actually only 14 and half weeks but my doctor is a family friend and she is letting me and my sister who is also pregnant have our ultrasounds done at 18 weeks. I crave Chipotle but unfortunately I am not keeping it or anything else down. :-( Have lost 9 lbs and am not in any maternity clothes at all. Hard not to worry some times....


KatieKat - December 3

Hi ladies! I haven't been on in a while either. This is number three for me too. I've got two girls. One is 9 and the other is 5. No morning sickness this entire pregnancy! Thank god! The last two times I did. With my 5 year old I had hyperemesis until my 9th month. It's been pretty smooth going. I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow. I find out on the 28th what the gender is of this one! As for cravings...peaches! Which stinks cause they're out of season and the only ones you can find in Kansas is in the can. :( I've settled for peach ice cream by breyers and that's helped. I'm currently being plagued by my first migraine since I got pregnant. They gave me tylenol with codeine so hopefully it will stop soon. Hope everyone is well. I'm with you TaraO. I've been in my maternity clothes for a while now. At least this go around they've gotten much cuter. Lol.


angelmarkie - December 3

Well girls, we had our ultrasound with 3D/4D images and everything looks great! I think we may have a thumbsucker on our hands though! Baby is measuring exactly 18w2d, which is what it is suppose to be. It weighs approximately 8 oz. I am still two pounds down from prepregnancy weight, which is shocking since we just had Thanksgiving. We stood strong and did not find out the gender, but I do know that "they" know; I asked out of curiousity. The only thing that the Perinatologist would like to see me do is start taking progesterone shots to decrease the risk of preterm labor. My last baby came 5 1/2 weeks early, so I guess I am at risk for this one coming even earlier. Anyone else have experience with this? I have to decide if I want to give myself shots weekly by next week. They want you to start the shots before 20 weeks.


KatieKat - December 4

Hi everyone. Just needed to vent for a minute. I s anyone else being plagued with freakishly huge b___sts right now? I haven't really gained that much weight and I've already gone up two cup sizes. I'm 15 weeks today. I'm trying not to sulk but I'm more than a little nervous about how big they'll be once my milk comes in. I had to buy a strapless bra for my company christmas party tomorrow. I got measured and the lady brought me a 34F and it fit perfectly. My last pregnancy I was an F once my milk came in. I'm not fat now and I wasn't fat before I got pregnant either. I know there are worse things that could happen in pregnancy etc. But my shoulders are knotting up and I'm not even at the halfway point yet. I just want to scream!


mommylove2 - December 7

Hi Ladies! I haven't posted in a while, but I've been keeping up with others' posts. This is our third child as well. We have a 3 yr-old girl and a 1 yr-old boy. We find out Thursday what we're expecting this time around! I'm very excited. Anyone else feel huge by the end of the day? My belly has definitely popped, but it's nowhere near huge. Yet, there are times when I feel my tummy is already stretched and big as it can get! I don't normally feel this way so soon, and I told my hubby I am in a lot of trouble when my belly really does grow large and round! I've been feeling the baby move for the past couple weeks and can tell this is going to be another active one! So far, I'm the only who has felt the baby, but I know in the next few weeks, hubby will have the chance to share in the joy of feeling this little move around. Sometimes, his/her somersaults make my tummy feel a little queasy, but thankfully, the morning sickness has abated. Looking forward to hearing whether there will be more boys or girls expected on this thread!


Shannon85 - December 7

Hi everyone hope everyone is doing well I havent posted yet in the second trimester forum I have been crazy busy I have 22 month old daughter who is actively potty training so that is taking alot of time and attention. Im heading to my doctor in a couple hours because last night i fell down the hardwood stairs and just want to make sure everything is ok Im a little worried but I know our little ones are quite protected in there I got a new due date since i last posted anything on this site May 27th so i should find out the s_x in early january i cant wait:)


Floricica - December 11

Hello!!! Well I am due June 1st, but I will be having a c-section a week before that. I feel so much better then I did with my first pregnancy. I am very happy and excited. I cannot wait to go baby shopping! I'm waiting untill March to do those things. I wish everyone all the best!!! I will be back to complain once third trimester hits. Usually that is when we get ancy. :P


KatieKat - December 24

Just stopping by to see what's new with everyone. There haven't been any new posts in a while. I know that's because the Holidays are right upon us. I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Not much new here other than the wonderful back aches and ligament stretching. I'll hit the 18 week mark on christmas. The start of month 5. Woot! Monday is our sonogram and we find out what the s_x of the baby is. I am so excited I can hardly wait. Funny when things you want to happen are just around the corner and then it seems that time drags by. I just keep trying to distract myself with Christmas planning. We have three to do and all on Christmas day. Ours first. Then my parents. Then my hubby's. Nobody can do theirs early. And we can't because the kids wouldn't understand that Santa came a day early. So looks like my life is going to be pretty darn crazy tomorrow. Plus in good ol Kansas we're getting a snow storm today!. Lol. Guess it's going to be a white christmas after all. How is everyone??


hiperact13 - December 26

well we went ahead and found out the s_x because my son was positive it was a girl and do you really trust a barely turned 3 year old!! YES you do we are having a girl!! Found out on the 22nd and was able to surprise the fam for Christmas!!! Nausea is going away and of the 15.5 pounds I lost I have now gained back 3!!!! This little girl is very active and I love that people now for sure recognize the pregnancy I just am ready for my husband and son to feel movement on the outside!!!!! Take care everyone


angelmarkie - December 26

congrats hiperact! My seven year old daughter got to feel the baby kick yesterday on Christmas Day. She was sooo excited and I was really excited for her. She is the first (well, technically the second :) ) to feel it. What a fantanstic xmas present! This baby typically has a couple of really active days and then has a day or two of rest. I am so happy to be able to feel the baby and actually look pregnant! Hope all are well!


KatieKat - December 27

Congrats Hiper!! Thats wonderful! I am so happy for you! Now the shopping can begin! ;) They have so much cute girl stuff right now too in the stores. Especially at Target. The just one year line has lots of great stuff. Angel- How sweet! I bet your daughter was totally thrilled. It's such a great bonding moment when your loved ones get to feel the baby move. As for me, I'm on the countdown.. I am a little over 11 and a half hours away from my sonogram that's going to tell us the baby's s_x. I hope I can actually get some sleep tonight. I keep worrying that the baby won't open it's legs and we won't get to see what it is. I've never had that problem with the other two pregnancies, but I can't help but worry. I'm trying not to obsess. My hubby took the day off and we're going to buy some things for the baby after we find out the gender. I haven't bought a thing yet. Lol. Holding out so I can buy the gender specific colors. I'm hoping everything will work out. I don't think I can stand the thought of having to wait until later to know. I think it would drive me insane. Literally. Lol. Does anyone else know the s_x of their baby? Wish me luck!! :) I'll post tomorrow to let everyone know. :)


TriaB - December 27

I am so happy found out we are having another boy and my son couldn't be happier although there are quite a few years in between the two.... I am sure they will have a blast together...he is a lot more active than his brother was so I guess we will have our hands full.


KatieKat - December 28

Congrats Tria!! I had my sono this morning and we're having a BOY!!! YAYYYYYY!! We are sooo happy. Now we'll have two girls and one boy. I am so excited. :)



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