May 2010 Babies

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KatieKat - December 28

Congrats Tria!! I had my sono this morning and we're having a BOY!!! YAYYYYYY!! We are sooo happy. Now we'll have two girls and one boy. I am so excited. :)


angelmarkie - December 28

Congrats Tria and Katie! We are hoping for a boy as well since I also have two girls; however, as indicated, we opted not to find out the s_x of the baby. We are looking forward to the BIG reveal though and will be absolutely happy either way! We actually bought a couple of outfits last night as I have found it a bit difficult to find outfits that are gender neutral. It looks like duckies and froggies for this baby for now!


Floricica - December 28

Hey everyone! I am 18 weeks! Monday the 4th I will hopefully find out if I am having a girl or a boy. I am hoping for a girl this time because I already have a boy. If baby is a boy I will still be happy anyway. I hope everyone is doing well. I am so happy to have a baby in May because having a baby in the winter time is really hard. Anyways, ttys!


TaraO - December 29

Hi Ladies, Congratulations!!! I had my ultrasound on the 22nd of Dec. We are having our 3rd boy and I am thrilled. I have all the baby stuff already, so I think it shouldn't be too bad financially!!! We will definitely be trying for number 4 if all goes well with this one. I do have to try for that little girl or a whole baseball team! Anyway, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday week and I wish you all a Happy New Year! We are on for the countdown now!


mommylove2 - December 29

Hi Everyone! It is crazy to be past the halfway mark now. I'll be 22 weeks in two days. We had our ultrasound at 19 weeks, and everything looked great! I was even measuring just a bit ahead (3 days, but what's that!); I was surprised b/c I felt my belly was still pretty small. However, I don't think there is any mistaking my pregnancy now! We were very excited to find out we're expecting another girl. My daughter has been so cute referring to her sister. She asked me today if she could buy something for her sister while we were shopping. It was so sweet. Looks like there's going to be a good mix of boys and girls born this coming May! BTW, anyone else feeling braxton hicks? I've been feeling them since 16 weeks of so. My body is gearing up...just got 18 weeks to go! :)


Mari26me - January 2

HI everyone, I posted back on the 1st tri boards. I am just over 19 weeks and Due May 29th. We have an ultrasound on Tues and this time we are going to find out the s_x. I am so excited!!!! We have a 17 month old daughter, and cannot wait for her to have a sibling. I have nausea for the 1st 18 weeks, but it has finally gone away! Yay! I have been getting alot of movement lately, I forgot how it felt from my 1st pregnancy. Congrats to everyone, and I hope everyone is feeling well.


Shannon85 - January 2

Hi everyone, I hope everyone had a great holiday. I have been really sick with a cold for the last 4 days its hard dealing with that and keeping up with my 23 month old daughter on top of being pregnant. im 19 weeks and 3 days I get my ultrasound on Jan 7th but here in canada well in BC anyways they will only tell your doctor the s_x and your doctor will tell you at your appointment so I wont know till the 12th im very excited congrats to all you that have found out what you are having I dont know about you all but this pregnancy has gone by pretty fast for me. hope everyone has a very happy newyear


Mari26me - January 5

Hey ladies, how is everyone feeling? Shannon, I have feeling tired running after my 17 month old daughter. I just got over a cold, so I know exactly how u feel. I am 19.5 weeks and we have an ultrasound today to find out he s_x of the baby. I am soooo excited!!!!I live in Ontario and they give you the results on the spot. Shannon, why do they make you wait to see ur doctor for the results? This preganacy has flown by for me too. I have less time to focus on it because of already having a little one to take care of. I better go and drink my water now, my appt is soon. I will let you guys know what we are having when I get back. bye. :)


Mari26me - January 5

Just came home from our gender can and it's a BOY!!!! My hubby and I are so happy. We already have a 17 month old daughter, and are really excited to have a little boy. Congrats to everyone else too!!!


angelmarkie - January 5

Hello! Well, so far it looks like we have 2 girls and 3 boys. Mari...what did your ultrasound reveal today? I am 23 weeks today and the baby is so active lately! Not only has my youngest felt the baby, but my husband has now too! He actually asked if I "did that" LOL... I explained to him that I don't exactly have that much control over my belly movements anymore. I have an OBGYN appointment on Thursday with a new doc. My other one left for a new job :( She had been with me since my first prenancy 12 years ago, so that kinda sucks. I am afraid to see how much weight I have gained. Last month I was still two pounds under my prepregnancy weight, but I gorged over Christmas time, not because I was starving, but because there was lots of good food available. Well that's it for now...keep writing!


angelmarkie - January 5

Looks like we were posting at the same time Mari! Congrats! 2 girls, 4 boys...


Shannon85 - January 6

Congrat Mari I hope for my husbands sake we are having a boy too but I will be happy no matter what he does really want a boy this time though and Im pretty sure this will be our last no matter what. Mari Im not to sure why they still wont tell us here I think its because there are some people in a few cultures that only want boys and still will terminate a pregnancy if it is a girl although it is very uncommon these days thats what my doctor told me is the reason so the techs leave it up to the doctor to use their judgement i guess. Im hoping the tech will just let it slip though so I dont have to wait till tuesday when I see my doctor.


Mari26me - January 6

Thanx everyone. :) We would have been happy either way, but it will be nice to have a daughter and a son. :) Shannon, I hope ther tech does let the gender "accidently" slip for you too!! Angel, this baby has been really active too. I am only 19.5weeks and it has been kicking up a storm for a while. Hope everyone os well and talk soon.


angelmarkie - January 7

Hello girls! I had a doctor's appointment today and I have currently gained 3 pounds with this pregnancy. How about everyone else? Also, what are your babies heartrates typically at? Mine is in the 150's. Both of my girls were also in the 150's. I'm just curious if those of you having boys are hearing slower heartrates than those of you having girls. Well, I go for my glucose screening in 3 weeks. That's about it for now except I can't seem to get over the fact that I will be in the third trimester in approx. 4 weeks. Crazy! Talk soon....


Shannon85 - January 14

Well the verdict is in and its 100% as I had to go to the 3d gender determination u/s since my regular ultrasound tech decided not to put it in the report to my doctor but Its baby girl # 2 for me which is nice for my dd she will be 2 next week and she will have a sister close in age to bond with!! just feel a little bad for my hubby he is a little disapointed but i know he will get over it :)


Mari26me - January 19

Hey Ladies! How is everyone feeling these days? I have not been on in a while, just got back from a cruise with my hubby. Shannon, congrats on another baby girl1 :) We found out a few weeks ago we are havinga boy. We already have a 17 month old daughter. I have an OB checkup today. Hopefully I will not have to wait very long. Talk to you all soon. :)



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