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AmbientGirl - November 28

hahah! I love kids... I love kids even more if they don't bite and hit my son all the time. It wouldn't be half as bad if she was well behaved but she's not which makes it difficult. Think I'm gonna have some toast and honey this morning!


Kat21 - November 28

Ya i could understand that i wouldn't like that either. I am actually craving crackers cheese and pickles lol so i am going to have some of that at some point for sure! Toast and honey sounds good though!


AmbientGirl - November 28

WHAT a day! Ok the kids fought the ENTIRE time, lots of crying and snotty noses. She was chasing him around with a toy saw that she kept calling her knife (scary) So all in all I'm feeling a bit frazzled and hubby is going to pick up some pizza for dinner because I'm NOT cooking lol!


Kat21 - November 29

Wow that is scary! I don't blame you for not cooking sounds like you would be burnt out after all that craziness. I actually ate pizza all weekend pretty much because we were busy try to finish the house which we did!! Do remember when you started feeling your son move because i kinda feel crazy but its been a few days i feel the same b___terfly feeling in my lower abdomen i am feeling it alot right now and i have been sitting still watching tv for an hour and i felt it last night in bed and a couple times before that but most stuff i read says its too early but i know its not gas like most people say.


AmbientGirl - November 30

I've been feeling fluttering too. I started feeling it with my son when I was about 4 1/2 months and yes it feels like fluttering. I don't think mine is gas either so glad I'm not the only one feeling it lol!


AmbientGirl - November 30

I had weird dreams last night and the whole time (in my dreams) no matter where I went I had to find the bathroom to pee. I woke up this morning with a horrible UTI, ughh!!


MrsMac - November 30

I'm a little further along...but if you peeps wouldn't mind I'd love to join in, my due date is April 16th 2011. Ya'll seem like the only life here!


AmbientGirl - November 30

Welcome MrsMac! Glad to hear your hubby came around. I would have told mine to 'suck it up b___tercup' but sometimes that approach isn't always the right one! I'm dreading to see how much weight I gain with this one, I gained about 30lbs with my first and I'm short enough already that I look huge, it sucks!


Kat21 - November 30

That really sucks for you UTI i hate them and i am prone to them too..i am glad you are feeling the fluttering too i feel less crazy lol


Kat21 - November 30

Hello MrsMac feel free to join in the more the merrier lol. So how have you been feeling?


DDT - November 30

Hey ladies, I have been feeling movement constantly to for about a week now. My husband thought I was crazy when I first told him I felt something at 12w4d. But after two previous pregnancies I think I would know by now the difference between gas and baby movement. With my other two pregnacies I felt movement from about 16 weeks on. I hit 15 weeks this coming Sat, and I cannot believe how fast this is going already. My nausea comes back every other day, so I am not out of the clear like I thought I was. Also developed a stuffy, bleeding nose over the last few days. Ugh! Talking about weight, I haven't gained any over the last 3 weeks. I was gaining so fast in the beginning and now seem to have slowed down. I have gained about 4-5lbs so far. With my first I gained about 30lbs, and with my second about 16lbs (not for lack of trying). We will see how this pregnancy turns out. Welcome MrsMac!


AmbientGirl - December 1

There is a definite difference between gas and baby for sure. I don't feel my baby constantly but every now and then I feel little flutters. I feel like this is going by SO slowly!! My nausea is awful and last night I somehow managed to throw up so violently it came out my nose (sorry for the TMI lol). I'm still on Diclectin 4 times a day and it just makes it more tolerable... still not very fun though. I can't wait for it to subside so I can begin enjoying myself. I also can't wait for my belly to pop a bit more because right now I have a tiny pooch but when I show more I'll feel like all this nausea will be worth it lol!


MrsMac - December 1

They have me on Zofran, best help I've gotten with this prego and the HG (and it doesn't make me sleepier). I feel for you being so violently sick...I know it's no fun. I already look like I'm hiding a soccerball and am naturally a positive person, but sometimes it gets hard to hold on to that att_tude.


Kat21 - December 1

Hey Ladies, Me too i feel like its going so slow i am not even sure if i have gained any weight yet lol i do have a little belly but i can't wait to get bigger and feel some kicks too i am so curious about all the sensations where its my first one. I started feeling my flutters at 13w6d i haven't felt yet today but i feel it fairly frequently. My nausea threatened to come back today i haven't had a good appet_te today but its ok. I am glad i haven't actually thrown up because it always comes out my nose and i hate it lol! I do hope you feel better soon.


MrsMac - December 2

Pregnancy weight gain is so weird. With my first I gained a whooping 50lbs. And 2wks past due, my daughter came out weighing only 5lbs 15ozs (perfectly healthy). Second, weight was on track for normal(30) at 25lbs. And 3wks early, son comes out weighing 6lbs 7ozs (perfectly healthy). Now with Third, at 21w6d I'm still in the negative on weight gain. Yet baby is said to be healthy. Which is all that really matters.


MrsMac - December 2

As far as being so violently sick (been there just this morning). Does anyone else feel any pain in their lower afterwards? I've shared the concern with Dr but she says it's just scar tissue and legiments pulling. Until this prego I never would have believed so many women suffer with such regular sickness past the first tri. Maybe by the 3rd tri or at worst by delivery. Mmm...though Orange Gatorade is a sick persons best friend.



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