Maybe Just A Little Paranoid

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Stephiealisa - February 12

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I am so worried that something will go wrong. My mom has had 5 micarriages and I am worried that it can be hereditary? Also, my br___t were really sore and I had morning sickness but now I dont have any of that. My book said something about the baby dying early on but your body doent expell it. Should I be worried or is the absence of tender br___ts and morning sickness normal?? Maybe im just worrying too much.....


sarah21 - February 12

At this point you are going to lose b___st tenderness and nausea because your hormones are leveling out. Your mother's miscarriage history doesn't doom you to the same fate. Your chances have gone way down since you've made it past 12 weeks. 12 weeks is a big milestone and you're still going strong! Now if you begin to miscarry, you'll know because you'll have bleeding and cramping. Good luck to you and happy baby baking!


softbreeze200 - February 12

Oh Steph, I can relate to your worries about possible misscarrige as i have suffered one already. But you ahve made it this far, and as Sarah said, your chances drop so drasticaly now, please try not to worry. And my advise is to try to stay off the internet and away from books as they can be soo scary. Another idea is to look into renting a fetal doppler for awhile. I ahve had one since I was 10 weeks and I listen to baby everyday! It has made me so much calmer and relaxed about my pregnancy and most of my anxiety has gone away. A couple good companies are and Your loss of symptoms is normal at this stage of your pregnancy, as your placenta is taking over supporting the baby and your hormones start to level out again. As for the scenario about the baby dying - that is called a missed abortion. And that is excatly what I had. But it was accompanied by bleeding and cramping and when they confirmed what it was, they inserted a tablet into my cervix to help open it and naturlay pa__s everything. Miscarriage pain is so distinct and comes hand in hand with heavy bleeding. So please don't worry, your little one is doing just fine and doesn't want you to be stressed. I hope this has helped eleviate some of your worries. Best of Luck!!


sarah21 - February 12

That is such a good idea-- I totally forgot about the doppler rentals. That would be great for you to do Steph! It might be a little while for you yet to hear a good heartbeat so it might still scare you if you have trouble finding it, but in a couple weeks it would be a great thing to do! They're pretty affordable, too.


sam76 - February 12

Hi I wouldn't worry about sore b___sts I never had them and i'm fine one week ahead of you. As for having a miscarriage it would have happened by now so i wouldn't worry, have you had a scan yet?


Stephiealisa - February 12

Yes. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks because I was having some spotting/staining and we could see our baby's heart beating. It was definately a relief and such a joy to see that but my next scan wont be for another couple weeks. I will definately look into the doppler idea. Thank you so much to all of you for all the advice and rea__surance!


heatherjene - February 12

These ladies are right on - it is totally normal to lose some symptoms - I know I did. I also rented a doppler and it is great, it's something we look forward to at the end of every day, we kick back on the bed and listen to the baby's HB and movement. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy =)


bellybubble - February 12

Hi Steph - its normal to be paranoid - I am the same - I am sure we all worry about things that could go wrong - I also have started to loose b___st tenderness and only have mild sickness now (thank the lord!!) - and I am 14 weeks too - so like the other ladies say - and I should take on board too - relax and enjoy this pregnancy!! Its a happy, exciting time!! Hugs to all x


fefer1 - February 12

you're LUCKY to be getting rid of MS!! :) It's totally normal for that to start going away now. You're probably way out of the woods at this point, although anything can don't stress.



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