Mckenna Or Ellie

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Names Names Names - February 9

I really like both of these names and am having a hard time deciding between the two. Please help?! I'd like to hear your opinions. Thanks ladies!!


Laura - February 9

I really like both. I would pick Mckenna over the two.


Mellissa - February 9

my husband and i agreed on mckenna for a little girl. mckenna ashley-mae. but....we found out we're most likely having a boy. :) we already have a daughter named rylee. i know it's odd, but we chose the name Diesel Waylon for a boy. Ellie is cute, but I LOVE mckenna.


N - February 9

I think Ellie is cute...


MooBaby - February 9

I like Ellie, just because it's not as popular. BUT they are both adorable... tough decision!


Mellissa - February 9

well, i got it from Vin Diesel, the actor...although I'm not really a fan of his. but when i heard it i thought of a rodeo cowboy. lol. and that is kind of the image i have of my hubby is from a small country town and that's where we plan to raise our kids when he gets out of the army. and my hubby likes it because it sounds tough. :) yeah, it's different and a lot of people aren't going to like it, but that's okay with me. i think it's perfect. :) but this post is about ellie or mckenna... so i hope a war doesn't start about my baby's name.


Ashley - February 9

I love both about Ellie McKenna?


I like - February 9



Rianna - February 9

I like Elise McKenna and you could call her Ellie for short. If you've ever seen the movie "Somewhere in Time" with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeves, that was her name in the movie. I think it's very cla__sy. And Melissa, don't worry about what anyone else thinks.


N - February 9

I love Ellie! In fact that's the name my husband and I picked if it's a girl!


N - February 9

Hey I just posted and as I was hitting submit I noticed another "N" on this the same person!


Ella - February 10

I need hubby and I have decided to name our baby girl Callaway Harper....I get the strangest looks, I think it's a beautiful name but am already tired of defending it....what do you all think??


Names Names Names - February 10

I think its a very interesting an unique name. Where did you come up with that? When I hear Callaway...I think of the golf club line....but it still is unique in its own way. If you love it....go for it otherwise you will always regret it! Thanks to all for their opinions on my hard name decision. You guys are great!!


Ella - February 10

My hubby (avid golfer) came up with took a while for me to put it together....I still love it...Calli for short. That's for the pep talk


Jean - February 12

I really like Ellie. Its cute!


Tillie - February 12

Callaway Harper is beautiful!



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