Me Hormones Are Driving Me Crazy

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Jenn - October 26

I'm 18 weeks, still throwing up, passing out from poor circulation, and i'm losing my mind. I left my keys in my moms car.. witch is now an hour away.. and so i can't go to work or class today. A couple days ago i left the house without a bra on to go to work, and about a month ago i left candles burining when i left the house, and they melted down the dresser, ruined my fiancee's shirts. Thank god he is so patient with me. I keep crying over things like maternity clothes being too expensive, or him looking at me wrong. AHHHHHHHHH!


Christi - October 26

Jenn, I am right there with you. I think if I could sleep through these next few months I would. My anxiety is so bad right now... I cry over stupid things... (which at the time are the most IMPORTANT issues in the world). I forget things, drop things, run into things, you name it... I've done it. I cant cook boyfriend forbids it... if I dont burn it... something else happens. I've almost burnt the house down 3 times now by leaving the stove on. I forgot to take clothes out of the washing machine... needless to say they stink of mildew now. Dont feel bad/alone. I think it happens to the best of Oh yeah... the bra thing.... I did that last!


Jennifer - October 26

Dear Jenn, reading your post, I thought I could have written that when I was in my second trimester. I'm 33 weeks now, and It's gotten a lot better. My second trimester was hard for me, that's when my hormones and emotional state were the most unstable. I cried over everything. Imagined things that weren't so. Oh and I also went to work with no bra! I parked my car and started walking in when I realized I felt to "free" and bouncy. I couldn't bring myself to give my co-workers the real reason why I was late that day, I lied and told them my husband forgot his wallet and I had to take it to him. What I'm getting at is it will get better. I started to feel better around my 6th month. There was a point around 20 weeks when I was convinced that my husband wanted a divorce and didn't want our baby. Now we look back and laugh about it, but at the time it was no laughing matter. I finally broke down one night, around 2 a.m. and cried hysterically telling my husband that I knew he wanted a divorce, and that he didn't want the child, and I didn't want to raise my baby without his father etc.... my poor husband looked like bomb had dropped! He was shocked that I felt that way! Needless to say, he a__sured me that he did not want a divorce, that he did want the baby very much and would never leave us. Like I said now we are able to look back and laugh at my craziness, but it felt very real when I was going through it. The forgetfulness doesn't get better, but you will learn how to recognize when your hormones are "messing" with you and be better able to control it. Try to stay positive, you'l laugh at this later.


Jennifer - October 26

P.S. I just read Christi's post and realized she also went to work with no bra! It's an epidemic!! Now when I walk out the door in the mornings I always feel for my strap to make sure I didn't forget to put on my bra!


Ronni - October 26

I agree with you all. Myhormones are wild. I cry in the car from songs on the radio. I watch tv and cry at the dumbest things. Jenn- i am 16 weeks and also still getting sick and throwing up.I just try and enjoy those rare days i feel well. i have not done the bra thing yet-but its probably coming soon!!!!



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