Measuring 8 Wks Ahead But Dr Says U S Accurate To 1 Wk

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Lisa - August 20

Hi, I guess I just wonder if there is anyone else out there like me. At my 17 week appt on the 3rd of August, I measured at 25 wks/cm. I am showing extremely, strangers ask me when I'm due and then give me an odd look when I say Jan 10. My first due date calculated was November 8. However, I then had an u/s that they said put me at 8 wks at the time instead of 16. Now, I'm huge for what they say and measuring exactly 8 weeks ahead. My Dr. said early u/s are accurate to within 1 week?? She said it might be twins or excess fluid. I have my 20 week u/s next Thurs. Has anyone else gone through this could u/s be incorrect and I'm further along?


Lisa - August 20

PS this is my first pregnancy


Jan - August 21

It could be polyhydramnios, that's when there is excess amniotic fluid. I couldn't tell you if the u/s could be wrong though. Good luck on Thurs.


Natalie - August 22

if they have messed up your due dates you are probably further along than you thought. i wouldnt have thought you have polyhydramnios due to having a 17 week appt and it wasnt mentioned. they should have been able to see that. you probably arnt having twins either as they should be able to see that. you are more than likely just further along then they thought. my 9 week scan and my 11 week scan show 4 days difference. its just the way baby grows or that your further along. they arnt the most reliable of things are they!


Misty - August 22

Sounds to me like they screwed up your ultrasound! I'll be waiting to here what your twenty week u/s shows! Let us know! **Baby Dust** :)


Lisa - August 23

I'll let you know what they say on Thursday. I'm really excited because they said they would be able to tell if it's a boy or girl now. Thanks for your input it would be nice to be due earlier but I'll sure have to get in gear if I am. I have lots yet to get done with work and the nursery.



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