Measuring Uterus Small

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erica - March 17

Hello, I had my dr. appt tue (19 weeks)..said my uterus was measuring at 18.... What does this mean? That I am measuring 1 week small? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I just wondered what it means and if this is of concern?


PP - March 17

Anything 2 cm under or over is normal. At 19 weeks normal is 17 to 21 cm. I would be worried if you were further off but 1 cm is very little.


Margaret - March 17

Hi Erica, I would love to know the answer. I am 24 weeks and measuring 20 weeks. It has gone to the extreme. Doctor's requested an Amnio to see if there was any issues. The test came back with no problems with the baby. I did a fetal echo, the baby's heart is fine. This week I did a placenta ultrasound to determine if the placenta was providing the proper nutrients. That test came out fine too. They moved me to high risk pregnancy, this just means that they will monitor the growth of the baby to ensure it follows the growth chart. My doctor is stunned. No one has the answer to this question. Why is the fetus measuring small.


ayla - June 20

I also would like to know the ansswer. I am also measuring small. my doctor said I should be at least 30 cm but i am only 26cm and I am already 7 months. this is the first time i have measured small at any visit. I am wondering what this means ,Is the baby under wheight? or any other problems that could be serious. If I go back in two weeks and am not caught up in growth they will give me a another ultrasound. but I can't sleep at night waiting and I don't even know what problems could arise.


Silvie - June 23

Hi girls, measuring symphisis-fundus distance (how high the top of uterus is) shouldnt be done before 20 weeks,because it is very inaccurate. AFter 20 weeks they say No. in cm should equal No.of weeks. But sometimes U can have a healthy baby and Doc measures even up to 4 cm less. It can be caused by transverse or oblique position of baby, inaccuracy caused by Doc's measuring ect.... So dont panic when the first measurement turns out to be low. Most important is to see steady at 24 weeks you measure 21 cm, at 26 weeks you measure 23 cm ect.. Hope this helps!


Jodie - June 23

I measured small when i was pregnant with my daughter and at the end of my pregnancy the dr sent me for another u/s to check if she was growing properly, i got really scared of having a really small baby, but imagine my suprise when the sonographer told me that she'd weigh around 8lb, and yes she weighed exactly 8lb when born


Stephanie - June 30

I'm also measuring small. I'm suppose to be at 32 and I'm at 28. Dr said not to worry and will wait for my next appt. Might need another ultrasound at my next visit. Even though I was told not to worry it's all I can think about.


jycl - July 1

I was measuring 4 weeks smaller than I should with my first pregnancy. She just stopped growing for some reason and no one knew why. I had to do the weekly NSTs and had a couple extra ultrasounds. They decided to induce me right before my due date because she wasnt growing inside. I ended up going into labor on my own 2 days before I was supposed to be induced. My daughter was perfectly healthy, just small, 5lbs 15oz.


lilmum - July 1

jycl, it was the same with my son. At 35 weeks, i measured 35, at 36weeks, i measured 34! at 37weeks i was still at 34, so i went for an ultrasound, they said i had a lower amount of amniotic fluid. I was up to 35 at 38 weeks and 35.5 at 39 weeks so i had another ultrasound and was having NST's every day. The day before my due date i went in had my NST and they said, go home and get your stuff, we're not busy right now, so we might as well induce you tonight. He ended up being 6lbs, but my final ultrasound said he'd only be 5lbs, but he was perfectly healthy, and they were right, he grew better outside than in, because at his 10day check up he was over 8lbs already. He had doubled his birth weight by six weeks (he's a very tall lanky boy now. over 35inches and not quite two yet)



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