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MiMi - November 30

I'm currently unemployed and I wanted to get on medicaid, and I was wondering how that worked. If I'm able to get medicaid will all of my doctor visits be free? Will I have to pay the money back? Any feedback will be appreciated because I'm clueless!


to MiMi - November 30

I don't know if it changes from state to state, but here, Medicaid gets me free doc visits (even doctors who aren't ob/gyn, as long as the issue is related to the pregnancy... like going to the chiropractor for a bad back related to preg, for example), free lab work, free birthing cla__ses, & free labor & delivery at the hospital. And the Medicaid will cover me past the pregnancy too. Medicaid covers my baby too for at least a year after he is born... then I'd have to reapply if I don't have another option for health insurance by then. Hope this info helps. Good luck!


to MiMi - November 30

Oh & just to add, you don't have to pay the money back. For a social service like general a__sistance/relief where the state cuts you a check, you may have to pay THAT back if you don't have a mental or physical disability, but Medicaid insurance doesn't have to be paid.


MiMi - November 30

Thank you so much, that's exactly what I needed to know because I think I'm gonna go and apply for it tomorrow. One more quick question, where did you apply for it at?


mel - November 30

you apply for it at the DHS office. qualification for it depends on how much money you make based on state to state guidelines.


LH - November 30

Mimi, I would also try with Women, Infants, and children (WIC) in your area. They also offer doctor's visit along with financial a__sistance for food, formula/b___st feeding supplies, and other baby necessities. You can most likely find information for WIC through you county board of health. Good Luck! There is lots of help out there!


to MiMi... - November 30

It does vary state to state. We weren't able to qualify for regular Medicaid, but we did qualify for MC+ which is Medicaid for pregnant women and the income levels are different. In our state...Medicaid will be reimbursed with Estate Recovery but that is only after the Medicaid recipient as well as any surviving spouse has pa__sed.


MiMi - November 30

Thank you all so much, I believe I should qualify because I have no income whatsoever!


Tiffany - November 30

I have it and it is wonderful!! You do not have to pay for any of the Dr visits and you can also get WIC if you want. You do not pay anything back either. The only thing you really have to do is tell them when your baby is born. I dont know if it is the same where you are but here in order to get it you need your last 2 pay stubs (but your unemployed) if you are livin g with someone then they are going to need theres. Ok if your married you need both of your birth certificates and SS card. and proof from a doctor that you are pregnant. Hopefully that will help you out some. Congrats on your baby MiMi!!



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