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Christi - November 8

Hi ladies... I got on Medicaid after I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I want to get married so bad, but I worry that it will take away my Medicaid. I wont be able to afford all the things I want to give my baby if I lose my Medicaid. I'm not worried about paying for my health... the baby is my main concern. Because of the fear of losing the insurance... my boyfriend and I have decided to hold off ony marriage until after the baby gets here and after his insurance kicks in at work (he just started a new job that offers insurance after 6 months). Will Medicaid take away the insurance if I marry??? Or is this a misconception I have???


B - November 8

I think you need to check with them but I am married and I am going to get on Medicaid when I lose my job in Jan. I don't think medicaid cares about your status only about how much you make. What could happen is that you won't qualify on you and your *husbands* wages. My husband and I don't qualify now but we will when I am no longer recieving a salary. I hope that I have helped. Good luck


Christi - November 8

Thanks B... what you said has made sense!!!


me - November 9

I am in almost the same situation as you Christi with that. But I'm not concerned about if or when I marry, more that I've decided our baby will have the dad's last name, & I wonder if Medicaid will be jerks about it. But it's not like he makes enough to support me & baby at this point anyway. Not many people do in the US nowadays. It's just a matter of proving it to a government that'd love to do away with all social services to its youngest citizens in order to have even more $ to kill the youngest citizens of third world countries.


Christi - November 9

me... I agree. I have a hard time with the whole social services thing. A lot of people make me feel bad because I am using medicaid... but its not like I am having 50 kids to get things for free. Some people abuse the system like that. This is my first... and I am honestly looking at the best interest of my baby. My baby will have the father's last name also... I didnt think about that causing a problem. Like B, I am going to be out of work in Jan... so maybe that will help the situation. We were planning on marrying before I got pregnant... but the pregnancy has seemed to have pushed that option further away... I hate that factor.


B - November 10

Hi christi..I know how you feel. I kinda feel bad for going on medicaid and when I tell people they seem to look down on me BUT these services are for people like us. I didn't plan on getting laid off a month before my baby is due...I am not going on wic or going on unemployment (which is ok if you are in need) but I need insurance and so does my baby. Don't feel bad. If this system worked right it would be only people like us using it. I am sorry you have to push off your wedding but it will happen ;-)


Dez - November 11

to me, I dont think they care much if the baby has the dad's last name, I gave my daughter her dad's last name and they havent questioned me at all about it. I do also wonder about the whole getting married thing though. I do know that it actually takes alot for them to not give the baby medicaid once he or she is born, because of the concern of them not getting the right health care because people cant afford it. I also think they will cover you while you are pregnant as long as your boyfriends income doesnt exceed a certain amount, but I would just hold off until the baby is born, unless you find out for sure. They will only cover you until six weeks after the baby is born unless your income is under 300 dollars a month.


bec - November 11

can someone tell me what medicaid is? I'm from Australia - so have no idea and it's interesting to hear you all talk about it.


Christi - November 11

Thanks for your input ladies.... bec, medicaid is "free"insurance offered to people who can't afford it. I had no insurance... and being young and unprepared and pregnant... I was able to go to the social services department and apply for insurance. Basically when taxes are paid to the government part of that money is put into programs such as medicaid to pay for medical expenses (doctors appointments... hospital bills... etc....) When you apply they look at your income and decide whether you qualify for the benefits or not (you can only make so much annually). With me being "single" I qualify because they only looks at my income...and nothing of my bf's. Basically with my benefits... I pay no expense to go to the OB/GYN, I can go to the dentists twice for free...they pay for my perscription medications, I can go to my regular doctor without an outstanding bill... and when I give birth... the hospital bill should be taken care of. After the baby is born they should take care of the doctor bills for the baby.


Kathy S - November 11

If your fiance wages plus your wages exceed the minumum gross income eligibility ...then you could very well lose your medicaid. Ask your worker what the income eligibility would be for a household size of 2 (you and your spouse). If your combined household income does not exceed that amount, you should be alright if you married. They would add him onto your medicaid and he would not have to worry about forking out for insurance right away for himself. Once the baby arrives your household size will increase and your income minumum will actually be less. Ask your case worker for their opinion if you still are in doubt. As for the ladies mentioning about having to be married to give your baby their daddy's last my knowledge and own experiences, you do not have to give the child your last could give them any last name you do not have to be married to someone with that last name?!?! Why, you could make up a last name and have no just have to register their name when you file the birth certificate.


Maggie - November 11

In my state once you start recieving medicaid you are on it for one year. At the end of that year they will ask you to renew and they will check all your info again. Your medicaid should be good for you throughout the year, and your baby should be automatically covered once they are born.


to Kathy - November 12

I'm familar that a person doesn't have to be married to give their child their significant other's last name. The concern was more whether Medicaid would start questioning me about it, especially since the only address they have on file for me is a "care of" p.o. box with his last name on it. They may have a lot of cases to think about, but just think they'd pick up on something that obvious. And even if one or two people don't make a lot of money, the government can still say it's too much (hey, let THEM live on that much & say it's too much!) anyway, unfortunately. What they consider the poverty level is seriously ridiculous. The cost of living is hell these days, almost no matter where you live in the US.


Kelli - November 12

I too am on Medicaid and have read all of your responses. This is my second baby and second time on Medicaid--as a matter of fact, my 2-year-old is still on Medicaid---thank God!!! Insurance is no more affordable than buying a 300$ brand new pair of shoes every month!! The truth is--my boyfriend and I haven't married either--because the truth is--they will not let you get on Medicaid if you are married---they will expect the male to provide insurance--really- pretty much--no matter how much you make.


Christi - November 13

That really stinks. It seems as if the governement wants a certain "image" for the people... but it only creates worse situations. I feel as if I am waiting for my ship to come in... to run into a large amount of money or to win the lottery... I know my chances are As great as Medicaid is... it has its major downers!!!


Kelli - November 13

I agree----both my boyfriend and my parents always harp on us to get married, and we are like---well, are you guys going to pay for the huge doctor and hospital bills and for insurance for my baby---because reality is---we never will!!!!! If the cost of health insurance and things could just go down, a lot of us would not have to "live off the government". Keep hangin in there.


AMEN! - November 13

I wish all the rumormongers would read this thread & realize that people aren't trying to take advantage of anything... what is there to take advantage of when it's like pulling teeth & all you get are strands? We're the ones being taken advantage of, if ya think about it. So many of us taxpayers paying so much money, and when it disappears or we're not sure where it's gone to or are misled about where it's funneled, some start blaming needy folks. Argh! Pitting the People against the People is so wrong!


Kelli - November 13 gotta love free health insurance and free doctor visits while pregnant and for the little one!!!!! God Bless Medicaid for that!!!! Screw the doctors and health care companies who want some of us to die because we can't afford care---like my 50 year old mother who takes only aspirin because she can't afford health insurance or to go to the doctor--and you know she needs mammograms, colonoscopies and the whole 9---but at 50, where do you get health insurance, ya know!!!



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