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Christi - November 8

Alright... I'm starting on a memory book for my baby. I need help thinking of ideas and sections. For instance... so far I have : "My family"- all about mommy and daddy and grandparents. "My Family Tree" "How my parents met" "When the pregnancy test showed positive"- the day I found out "Before I was born"- all the sonogram pictures, appointment cards, plus journal entries I made during my pregnancy. "How my name came to be..." Any other suggestions????


Amy - November 8

What about prices of things and things going on in the world, president, ect.ect.


Christi - November 8

Wow...good idea... thanks Amy... didnt think of that... I will definately use that one!!!


M - November 9

Hi Christi. Once your baby is born and a bit older you could start to include chapters like 'my first steps' 'my first words' 'my first x-mas' 'my first day at school' my first football match' my first best friend' and include funny little stories and pictures from each event. This way it becomes a memorybook as well as a 'successbook' and it will make your little one feel confident and proud whenever you look through it together and he/she sees how much he/she has achieved. It will also help your child see that success isn't just about academic achievements like learning to read and write, it is also about making friends, doing what you love and being a good person... So you could include lots of stories and pictures involving your child doing stuff he/she likes. f.ex. 'helping mummy in the kitchen' (incl favorite recipes and picture of endresult) 'going swimming with dad'... Just examples obviously, anything your child enjoys and which is a succes because he/she throws themselves into it with heart and soul. You can of course also include obvious successes like 'my first medal from playing sports' etc... Make it a memory book with lots of stories and pictures that make your child feel proud. Think I might do something like that myself :-) All my love, M.


Christi - November 9

Thanks M... good ideas as well...



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