Menstrual Cramps

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Amy - June 10

Hi. I am 14w 1d with my first baby. I have previously had 2 miscarriages, so I'm very "on edge" about everything with this pregnancy. All day long I have had what feels like really strong menstrual cramps. I'm not having any pains or bleeding, just the cramping. I keep running to the bathroom thinking that I'm about to start bleeding. I called my OBGYN and the nurse said that the baby is probably just hitting a big growth spurt and my uterus is stretching and that is causing the cramping. Does that sounds right to you? Has anyone else had anything like this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Kelly K - June 10

I had the same thing happen around 13 weeks. I got really paranoid and went in and they told me the same thing. The doc actually told me that he wishes he could tell something better.. but sometimes pregnant women just hurt. As long as there isn't any bleeding you should be just fine.


Amy - June 10

Thank you so much Kelly. I have been worried sick all day. Thanks again.


Bump - June 10



Dee - June 10

Same thing happened to me, Dr said it was my uterus stretching to accomadate baby. Sort of like growing pains. Also the ligaments in your abdomen will stretch and cause discomfort too. It's a lot of work makin' a baby! :) I'm 18 weeks and still feel crampy every now and then


Alaina - June 10

I also had misscarages so I'm paronoid.I get the cramps to and my doctor sais I was fine.It doesn't stop the worry tho, which can be more stressful then the cramps.I hope you feel better


Amy - June 10

Thank you ladies very much for your help. You've helped me calm down alot. Thanks again. Hope you are all doing great.


kimj - June 10

I am 17 weeks and having some cramping aswell.. Went to see my midwife today and all is well. The joys of being preggo.... You got to love it though!!!!Good luck everyone!


bumpp - June 11




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