Middle Name For Baby Girl

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July-Baby - February 16

I really like the name Kaylee, but I can't think of a middle name. Any idea's?


Heather - February 16

HOw about Shea, that is the middle name i am using if I am having a girl, I will name her Kayla Shea.


yungmama - February 16

I think Kaylee Marie sounds pretty. Also you may want to think about how many syllables are in your last name so that it sounds right together.


Hope - February 16

We are using Faith for a middle name (that is as of right now) and I think it goes with Kaylee too!


dee23 - February 16

ive read that marie stands for two things, one is derived from the virgin mary, and the other is 'bitterly unwanted child'. ...........i found this out because i was going to use that as a middle name seeing as marie runs right through my family history, and fits perfectly with the name we picked. and ever since we found that out we are not going to use it...i wouldnt like to be marked as bitterly unwanted as a nick name! anyway, just thought u all should know...


Wendy - February 22

how about Elizabeth, thats what were using for a middle name and it sounds good with kaylee


July-Baby - February 23

Thank-you to all of you ladies. There a lot of really good idea's. I really like Kaylee Elizabeth.


guest - February 23

what about Kaylee Joy?


jmnoonan - February 23

I love the name Grace for a middle name and Kaylee Grace sounds nice together.


????? - February 23

what about kaylee May???


D - February 23

I like Kaylee Gray or Kaylee Grace. I also like Kaylee May. Funny story about that...I have always wanted to name my first daughter Haly May but when I got married my last name changed to Winter. I thought Haly May Winter sounded too much like a weather forcast. ha ha! Kaylee is a beautiful name though!


Roary - February 24

I love the name Deirdre, but maybe it doesn't go with Kaylee. :(


ga2bme - February 24

My first daughters middle name is Elizabeth but my second daughter's middle name is Noelle, that would go nicely! Good Luck!


Laura - February 24

Kaylee Bell


ShellyC - February 24

I was also going to suggest Elizabeth. I know a little girl whose name is Kaylee Elizabeth and we're using Elizabeth as a middle name for our girl. I like it!


Emily - February 24

Marie and Mary mean the same thing since Marie is a form of Mary. It does mean biterness, but I wouldn't put much into that. Does anyone really go by that much. All the Mary's I know are too sweet. Most of them are older ladies, but one is my dd who is not yet two. We plan on using Marie as a middle name this time around. My two cents...I like Kaylee Marie


Lis61302 - March 6

I find out Wednesday if I am having a girl or boy. If it is a girl we are naming her Kayleigh Rae. I like Brooke as a middle name but that is my other daughters name. We have two girls aready... FELICITY PAIGE and ALAYNA BROOKE



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