Middle Name For Mia

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Mari - May 16

I'm pretty sure me and my boyfriend have agreed on Mia (means my or mine) for our daughters first name.... but now we're debating over Mia Brianne (my strength), Mia Celeste (mine from the heavens) or Mia Nicole (my victory over people)? I would like more suggestions if you have any... the last name will be Garcia-Ostrander so it's kind of tough to make ANY names flow hahahha. XOXOX


chrissy - May 16

I think Mia Claire sounds cute.


susie - May 17

Mia amie Garcia-Ostrander sounds nice


Jennifer - May 17

I like Mia Nicole


susie - May 17

If i was to go with what you have suggested then i would go for Mia Nicole


Lindy - May 17

what about Cara Mia...means beloved in Italian...tooooooo adorable for words!!!!


Tammy - May 17

My friend named her daughter Mia Paige.


well - May 17

Mia Susana


Kiley - May 17

Mia Janae


Kiley - May 17

continued..... Mia Janae, Janae is from Janet which means 'God's gracious gift'.


Wanda - May 17

Mia Monessa Garcia-Ostrander sounds good to me.


Mari - May 17

Claire and Amie?? Mmmm Sorry ladies I'm gonna have to say I don't hear that "flowing" together


Jill - May 18

I like Mia Celeste, Mia Claire sounds really good too.


Kristin - May 18

I love Mia Lane


Mia - July 17



mama2be - July 18

funny, Mia is a choice for me if one of my twins is a girl. hm, I think Mia Celeste is the prettiest name of them all... I personally don't like the name Brianne, yuck.. it just doesn't roll off the tongue right. Nicole is ok, but its so commonly used and the hard a at the end of Mia seems to be displaced by the hard N in Nicole... for variations on Celeste, how about Celena or Selena? either way, its just my opinion.. the final choice comes down to you :) best wishes! oh, and congrats! :)


2ManyMias - July 18

I am really leaning on Mia Celeste ALSO :) not only has the responses been a great help but even though I truly love the meaning of Mia Brianne (my strength)- I love the way Mia Celeste rolls off the tongue, but now the other question is- How many Mia's should I expect this year?? hahaha Maybe it won't be as cute and unique- but this momma will know how deep the meaning goes :) Thanks so much for your response



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