MIL Problems Am I Over Reacting

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candk - March 1

I am sorry to vent ladies my MIL is bugging me. In December, she said she wanted to buy this car seat and we said we did not want it. We had another one picked out that we both loved. It matched out theme. Well guess what, they next day she came over with the car seat we did not want. She said the one that we did want was not good enough in her opinion. Well then we found out the s_x ( a baby girl!!!!!) and guess that she said, "I guess you can love a baby girl as much as a baby boy if you try hard enough!!!!!!!!!" How rude it that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am mortified! Then today she brought over stuff for the shower and the first thing she pulled out of the bag was some mints that were blue and said "ITS A BOY" There were no mints that said baby girl, no girl things. I told her i did not want thoes at the shower b/c she is girl. She said well maybe it is be a boy and we should hope it is a boy!!!! And maybe we should not tell the people coming to the shower that it is a girl just incase. I am tottaly angrey, sad, speachless. i went crying for an hour after she left tody. Am i over reacting? Should this bug me. Sorry this is long i just needed to let it all out. :(


jodie - March 1

That would totally p__s me off. You are not over reacting at all!!! I can't beleive she would do that. Have you talked to you husband about it at all??? I would definately make him talk to her. I would take all the boy stuff and throw it out the Good luck!


candk - March 1

:) thank you! You made me smile!! Yeah my husband has been awsome and has talked to her himself at least 2 times i know of. I am just so flustered!!! *Off the subject* I am due July 24th. I think you and i are due about the same time Jodie.


Cad0587 - March 1

I'd be p__sed. Why the hell would she buy 'it's a boy!' mints if she knew perfectly well that it was a girl. That would make me think she was purposely trying to p__s me off.


jessicaspatherapist - March 1

jodie (i'm due july 27th!) but wanted to say that your MIL is a total jerk for saying those things to you and trying to sneak in blue mints that say "its a boy!"...seriously that's absurd! i agree with jodie...throw all the boy stuff out the window and have the pinkest baby shower you can imagine!


candk - March 1

Thank you ladies so much. I know she is doing this on purpose. She has done other things in the past like this. It is so nice to know i am not over reacting. Luckly my mom said she will help make sure that there are not boy things in sight on the day of the shower. * incase the MIL has some in back up* My hubby said to flush the mints :)


jodie - March 1

Hey Candk I am due the 23rd with a girl also. I used to not beable to stand my MIL but now I have gotton used to her and learned when to take her comments with a grain of I thought she would be super excited we are having a girl...but when DH told her she was happy but said now we have to have a 3rd...another boy.....ugh. If she wants to give me money and get me a nanny I would be more than happy to give her a 3rd grandchild.


jessicaspatherapist - March 1

oops candk, i called you know what i meant!


javidsgirl - March 2

hey there i just had to say this what is wrong with your MIL sweetie i feel so sorry that you even had to go through that


AshleyandAverysmom - March 2

I love my mother in law, but before we found out the s_x..she said if its a girl your going to try again for a boy right....My response ummmm no..this is our third and the last. It turned out to be a boy but sometimetimes people dont think. Have hubby talk to her. She's way out of line. If that doesnt work, you could always ask her if she feel really old now that shes a grandmother (teehee)..ok so thats mean but sometimes saying mean things in a really sweet voice can put them in their place!


mommy fin - March 2

My MILand I are like best friends, It is my mother whom I have problems with. I would tell you MIL that she could keep the car seat that way she would have one if she ever takes the little one with her, and then I would get the one I wanted. My mother wanted me to have a boy and my first two are girls . My sister had a boy and my girls have been put to the side ever sinces some times some parents just don't think. I hope I don't turn into one of those kind of parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sarahbaby11 - March 2

i would make sure that your registry says in big letters its a girl. also register for a lot of pink things. hopefully people invited will be smart enough to see you wrote girl. if you have some good friends coming to the shower have them bring some girl decor and balloons just as a personal touch....that way if she tries to do blue there will be pink...... as far as her opinion forget it either s_x is great as long as the baby is healthy



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