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Crystal Star - March 2

Is anyone in the military or have a spouse in the military?


TiffanyRae - March 2

Hey Crystal We are husband is Navy....We are stationed in Hawaii have been here four years....looking at around three more. What about you? How far along are you? I am 18 weeks and counting!


BiancaM - March 2

Hi Crystal. My husband is in the military.


Crystal Star - March 2

OK thank you both for the relpies. I am active duty and so is my husband. We are in Washington state. I am 22 weeks. I was womdering if you guys could give me some insight. I am a high risk pregnancy. My doctor wrote a note to my husbands command stating that it would be ideal if he could stay with me during this pregnancy. His command is now wanting to talk to my doctor. Why would they need to do that?


Crystal Star - March 2

I too am in the Navy!


lovestruckjsw - March 2

Hi crystal, my husband is in the Navy. I'm almost 16 weeks along. As far as what's going one with your doctor and stuff, I'm not sure. We haven't been a military couple a very long time, so I'm still learning myself. Hopefully someone else will have some real answer for you. GL!


c_baer19 - March 2

Hi Crystal, I'm an Air Force wife, 20 weeks along. =) It may be because the command wants to see if there is a legitimate reason that he needs to stay there, health concerns, etc. I'm not really sure though, and I don't know the situation!


Crystal Star - March 2

It is just dumb to me that they are talking to a Flight Doc and not even my regular OB Doc.


britt_m - March 2

I was navy and my dh is a marine. That is a little off that they're not going to speak with your ob, but a flight doc?! Not to offend anyone, I've seen flight docs before I was in aircrew, they know their stuff. But your ob is suppose to now your situation and all. Maybe you should call and ask the person who made that decision at the command. Your ob is at a MTF, right? Maybe you could try speaking with him/her, if your worried about information getting jumbled b/c we all now how that goes, then see if your ob would speak with the command. I don't know, but that doesn't sound right, just my opinion of course. GL


Crystal Star - March 6

Thanks britt that is what I thought. They dont want to speak to my OB Doc tho. Yes he is at a MTF. Now they are saying that they are going to talk to the Corpsman instead. I am so confused and tired of having the run around!



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