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Sovi - January 31

See, my case is very different from others. It has been 16 weeks since my last period and have had every pregnancy symptom. The problem: negative urine and blood tests. However, my mother and sisters have experienced this, not confirming their pregnancies until late into them. My mother didn't confirm my sister until 6 months into the pregnancy for she was getting her period. My sister didn't confirm her 2nd pregnancy until her 4th month....etc. So I'm assuming this is hereditary, having to do with the hormones. Anyways, I started cramping on this past Sunday. Monday evening I had some spotting with continual cramping throughout the day. Finally, yesterday the cramping continued with bleeding. I went into the ER, but to no avail, they claimed I was not pregnant and that I surely must be having my period. I honestly do not believe this ladies. My sister herself says I might be having a miscarriage and of course it's surely not going to show. She also said I could be bleeding and still carry to birth. Have any of you experienced bleeding so late and everything is fine? The bleeding is like that of a period...with cramps.


suze42 - January 31

Did you call your OB? You need to get into her asap. They can confirm a pregnancy at your stage by u/s? Have you had an u/s? It will either show there is or isnt a baby...yes or no..Im kinda confused.


Mommy1 - January 31

If I were you I would go to a doctor and demand an ultrasound...there are some health risks there if you are miscarring. I wouldn't take no for an answer! I hope your not m/c and I wish you all the luck!


aliciavr6 - January 31

Definitely get an ultrasound.


squished - February 1

A girl on another forum on here, I think under pregnancy complications was positive that she was pregnant and had negative blood and urine tests....for WEEKS. She pushed and pushed for an u/s and there it was...a little healthy baby with a strong heartbeat. You should defientely insist on an u/s.


Stephie14 - February 1

I'm confused too! How could you be so sure you're pregnant without an ultrasound?


lailadab - February 1

hi sovi... i'm sorry you r scared and i hope you r feeling better by now... please let us know how ur doing!


jodie - February 1

Sovi, how are things going?????


suze42 - February 1

where did she go?


wrightofway - February 3

1. Your mom probably got pregnant in the 70's (guessing). If so... they didn't make home tests then. The ones they did offer were done at the doctor's office only after 3 missed periods (according to my MIL who has 4 kids, and never did a home test until the 80's). 2. I don't know about your sister... but 3. An ultrasound WILL DEFINITELY solve this one.



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