Misscarriage Haunts Me Every Time

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sarak - November 6

I m 17 week pregnant and had a misscarrige before this pregnancy,i got pregnant right away after misscarrige and i did,t had my periods.Although i am in the 17 week now but still mentally i m not relax and that "miscarriage" haunts me all the time,i am not getting weight as well.What should i do to enjoy my pregnancy?


sarah21 - November 6

I've never miscarried, I'm 20 weeks, and I still fear miscarrying. I don't know that it ever goes away. As soon as the miscarriage fear goes away, the stillbirth fear creeps in, then after that it's crib death. I think it's a natural part of being a mother. Just try to relax and not try to control what you can't. You can't control your pregnancy, but you can control how you eat, how you exercise, and what do what you can to make it as smooth as possible. Educate yourself. But other than that, you can't do anything but enjoy the time you have with your little one in your belly.


cfuller - November 6

I had a miscarriage in March at 8 weeks and i got pregnant again after my first period. THe fear never really leaves you even if the baby is moving around and you can feel it all the time. I just keep telling myself that I've made it this far and I only have 11 weeks left to go until my due date and there has never been ANY problems or concerns with this baby. If your doctor tells you everything is fine and looks great, believe him! Don't worry about the weight thing, some women gain hardly anything at all and some gain a ton so count yourself lucky that you haven't gained a lot of weight. Just think positive, I know it's hard but at 17 weeks you have a extremely small chance of losing your baby and I mean SMALL! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!


sarah21 - November 6

Oh yeah and not gaining weight... I've actually lost 15 pounds. Weight gain will vary. Just think, now you can gain more weight later without having to stress out about gaining too much.


ShoppingForTwo - November 6

Try reading a pregnancy after loss book. That's what I'm going to do. It may help ease little bit of the anxiety.



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