Mom S Due In July And Who Had Previous Miscarriages

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crisy - February 2

Hi. I am in my 2nd trimestedr 16.5 weeks to be exact. I'm terrified to death about losing this baby. I had a natural miscarriage in April 2005 at 7.5 weeks. With this pregnancy I had bleeding and cramping and I was on bed rest for more than two months. I also got the Rhogam because I am Rh neg. I am back at work now and the doctors seem to think that everything is fine. I would like to hear from other women who miscarried and are doing well now with this pregnancy. How do you get rid of your fears? I can't even imagine that I made it this far!!! I feel my baby move. It's like a fluttering feeling or bubble bursting sensation. That makes me really happy but I am scared to enjoy my pregnancy. I don't even want to think about buying baby stuff yet. I'm scared that it's going to give the baby bad luck and that I will miscarry again. Please respond!!! Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Bless you all and lots of baby dust.


Laura - February 2

Hi Crisy, I am glad you posted this! I have wondered how others are doing. I had a m/c Sept. 2005. I was 7 weeks. I did not have to have a d/c. I was/am very scared this time. I am 16 weeks today. I am due July 21st. All is well this time. I was very sick this time around. I have felt little movement. Not much.I have not told extended family only close friends and family. I spotted at the beginning of this pregnancy was worried. No problems though. Once I hit 2nd trimester I felt much better. I check in on the miscarriage forum and I then get nervous. Hang in there we are due very close together! I will have my ultrasound on March 2nd.


Cabbie - February 2

Hi, I am not due in July but due June 14. I have had three miscarriages in the last year and half (two naturals, one d&c). I am now 21 weeks I have not found a way to relieve the fears yet. I am past the miscarriage state. Now I constantly worry about preterm labor. I am currently fighting a v____al infection that is scaring me to death. I hope the meds have taken care of it. I go back in next Wed for a recheck. Anway, This is my sixth pregnancy. I have two beautiful daughters ages 6 & 3. This one is a little boy. I pray every night for him just to hang in there for another 17 weeks!


crisy - February 2

Hi Laura and Cabbie. Thank you for your responses. My due date is July 15th. I will pray for both of you that everything will go well and that you will have beautiful healthy babies. Laura, good luck with your ultrasound in March. I had 4 ultrasounds so far and I have another one on Feb. 23rd. Cabbie, I wish you a fast recovery from the v____al infection. I hope that we can all help eachother get through this second trimester. I am so glad that you posted. I am also scared of preterm labour. I can't even exercise because I get contractions. I'll talk to you soon. Bless you and your little ones.


Laura - February 2

Hi Cabbie, I have three boys myself. After having three healthy pregnancies and then the miscarriage really made me understand what others have gone through. I try not to think about every little ache I get. That is what I have a hard time not doing. Crisy, Thank you for the support talk to you soon.


Shae-lynn - February 2

Hi Crisy and others! I am almost 16 weeks and due July 22. I had an early miscarriage last June. I also experienced spotting and one episode of heavier bleeding (subchorionic bleed) in the first trimester and am scared senseless. I want this baby so very badly but I haven't even begun to let myself enjoy it because I'm so stressed out all the time. I ordered a Doppler on-line this past Monday and am waiting patiently (yea right!) for it to arrive so I can check the baby's heartbeat at home whenever I want. It's way too long between appointments. Anyways, I know exactly how you feel. I am terrified every day; every morning I wake up, every time I use the bathroom... I haven't even really told many people yet for fear that I'm going to lose it. We just have to hang in there and keep praying everything will be okay.


Megan - February 2

Hi everyone... I had a natural miscarriage in January of 2005 & am just over 16 weeks due July 18 . I'm fortunate that I haven't had any bleeding, but that hasn't stopped me from checking everytime I use the restroom. As difficult as it was to lose (at 10 weeks), I know that something wasn't right with the development and can only hope that everything is going well with this one. I haven't had an ultrasound yet, they are scheduling me next week. When I first got pregnant I went to the Pregnancy After Miscarriage forum & have looked at other similar forums, but it just made my anxiety worse. So I chose to stay away from those places, do a lot of praying, and go about my pregnancy as normally as I can. I don't think that any of us will feel 100% until we have that baby safe in our arms. Crisy, I'm so happy you are feeling flutters... do you feel them all the time? I've only felt them twice, but they give me the warm fuzzies. Anyone else have them? I'm glad we have all made it this far & try to stay positive! Best wishes all of you!


Mellissa - February 2

I am so glad you made this post!! I too had a m/c back in april. I was 7 weeks and had to have a D&C. It was horrible...all i could think about was that they may have made a mistake and I could be killing my baby. we tried again right away, but i didn't ovulate again until august. I found out on my birthday (11/11) that i am pregnant again...which made me happy because my due date was dec 14th and i wanted so badly to be pregnant again before then. I also spotted a lot at the beginning of this pregnancy, with some cramping. but an u/s at 6 weeks showed a nice strong heartbeat. we had another u/s this past tuesday at about 16 weeks and found out we are most likely expecting a boy (we already have a 2 yr old daughter). my due date is july 20th. i am so excited this time!! and it's really nice to have other people on here who have experienced the same things and get to be blessed again with this chance. i hope you all have very healthy and happy pregnancies!!!


crisy - February 3

Good morning ladies! I am so glad that so many of you responded to my post. This will be my first baby if everything goes well acording to God's will. Megan, in the beginning I felt the flutters only a little bit and now I am starting to feel them more and more. Sometimes they go on all night and they stop during the day. Sometimes they go on all day and they stop at night. I think that the baby likes it when I'm in the car. I feel as if my little one is doing flip- flops. I love it so much. Also, when I laugh I feel a lot of flutters afterwards. I hope that you will feel more flutters very soon. Shae-Lynn, I hope that you get your doppler soon. I work in a community clinic and I check my baby's heartbeat with the doppler every day. I am also very scared. When you are 16 weeks it takes time to get the heartbeat because the baby moves so much. Or maybe my baby does not like the doppler?? I find that I am chasing after the baby with the doppler (Ha, ha). Shae-Lynn, I think that you were also posting in the thread going for June/July babies? Your name is very familiar?? Mellissa, my due date with the first baby was Dec.5th. I found out I was pregnant on Nov. 7th. Were you on bed rest when you were bleeding? I am glad that everything is well with all of you now and I hope that we will all have beautifuil healthy babies. Bless you all. I have to get back to work. Talk to you soon.


Mellissa - February 3

Crisy, no I wasn't on bed rest... the dr's that i saw at the beginning just had the mentality that if i was going to miscarry there wasn't anything i could do about it. they weren't the ob dr's. just the regular military family practice jerks. lol. The only reason i got the u/s at 6 weeks was because i got a nice dr. when i went to the er. but now my midwife is hubby just found out last week that he is leaving on the 16th to go to iraq, so she did a quick ultrasound at our 16 week appt so he could have pics of the baby to take with him. i am getting my 20 wk u/s march 2nd. that is so cool that you are getting to feel the baby so much!!! i feel mine here and there but i know he is so much more active than i can feel right now. in the u/s we could hardly get a clear shot of him, he was wiggling and turning all over the place!! i'm so glad everyone is doing okay with there pregnancies.. can't wait till we all get to hold these little angels!!!


crisy - February 3

Hi Mellissa. I am so glad that your baby is moving a lot on the u/s. It's a good sign. Did you see him sucking his thumb?? My baby was constantly with the finger in his/ her mouth. It was very funny. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl. I'm supposed to find out on Feb. 23rd. Wow, it's really cool to have a midwife. Are you going to give birth at home?? I am going to go to the hospital but I don't want the epidural. Everybody thinks I'm nuts!!! (ha, ha). Sweetie, it must be so difficult to know that your husband is going to Iraq. I can't even begin to imagine not being with my hubby. I hope that you have a lot of family and friends around you to help you during his absence. I deducted that you must be from the States. I find that all the military people are very brave. I'm from Canada but I know that this war is very difficult for all the families that have loved ones over seas. My heart goes out to you. Hope to talk to you soon. Lots of baby dust for all our babies and Bless them all.


Shae-lynn - February 3

Hey Crisy - yes that was me "going for a june/july baby" and amazingly enough, that's hopefully what's going to happen for me! It is great to catch up with you in this new board. You are lucky to have the opportunity to use the doppler every day. I'm praying mine will be in the mail today. I know I'm going to freak out if it takes really long to find the heartbeat but I'm glad you warned me that it does take awhile. I just hope I can find it! It is so cool that we are all so close in our due dates, Crisy, Melissa, Megan and Laura!


Tamfit - February 3

Hi Crisy, I understand your concern. I am presently 15 weeks pregnant and I also had a miscarriage last year at 6 weeks. I was very nervous throughout my first trimester but now I am feeling much better. I was really fortunate to not have any alarming bleeding or cramping but I kept expecting it. Try to remember this ..the risk of miscarriage after the first trimester drop dramatically. To 2% actually. The risk is also really low once they have seen a live moving baby with a strong heart beat during ultrasound. I don't think the fear will ever totally go away because I think it is normal to worry a bit. Especially with the first...everything is new to us. Try to stay positive and just enjoy this time. It really is precious and nauseating at times. teehee. All the best to you. Lots of baby dust.


Tammy - February 3

Hi every one I am so relived to know its not just me that feels this way. I am 16 wks due July 21. I have an 8 yr old son and a 6 yr old son. Then boom in the past 2 yrs 3 m/c. They were all early on 6 to 7 weeks. The middle was the worst they told me the baby was gone and didnt give me a choice about the d & c the night befor it was suppose to happen the pain was so bad I went to an emergency room and found even though it was low there was still a heart beat I was crushed it was like a bad rollercoaster ride that seemed like there was no end over the next 3 weeks they made me have 2 u/s a week and everytime it just got lower and lower until nothing. It was torcher at its worst. I really thought I would never have another child. My older sister cant cary past 20 weeks and I thought I all of the suddon was cursed with the same only sooner. This time around i was in my third month of depo previra and couldnt belive my body or the 4 home tests. My other pregnancys never had a heart rate over 80 bpm and so when this time I saw 175 I almost hyperventalated. I am still constantly nervous with every cramp and always checking in the bathroom. At 6 1'2 weeks i had a day of spotting and bad cramping but my Dr now says its just the embryo attaching to the uterus walls. I don't think there is a way to loose the dear I think we all just need to be strong. We have had 4 u/s and will continue to have 1 per visit Last Wednesday it took almost 20 min to get a heart reading because the baby kept swimming away and kicking the doppler I brought my boys this time feeling a little more confident that there would be no bad news We told theme the news on the way and they were thrilled. They dont know of the failed attemps.When the u/s started the first image was the top of the babies head just a perfect cicle. the dr freeze framed it to take a messurment and pointed at the screen telling the boys this is the babys head my lil one so inocent but yet a techno child of the new millenium exclaims "Oooo oooo click on it click on it I want to see whats inside!" I laughed so hard that the baby started to do flips when everybody calmed down enough to continue the boys each got a good pic of the baby waving at theme For the first time I wasent feeling scared it all seemed ok. My dr said he still couldent tell the s_x I hope its a girl He also said That 16 weeks is a great mile stone to hit and not to worry I read someones comments about exercising I was told exercising and anything physically stressful was off limits this time around. Even though there is nothing wrong with this pregnancy it still is considered high risk. I hope to stay in touch it would be nice to have someone who understands my fears my husband (always so black and white) says the dr says it is all ok so theres no reason to be scared but he doesent have these raging hormons. I've been really sick this time around I lost 2 1/2 lbs last check up lowering my total weight gain to only 1 1/2 lbs What has everybody els gained as of now?


Cabbie - February 3

Hi, All. As of 20 weeks, I am down 1/2 lb. I had lost seven and now gaind back 6 1/2. I had terrible morning sickness the first 16 weeks. I was also on progesterone the first 14 which may have contributed to the sickness. I go back Wed. for a recheck on my v____al infection. I pray it is cleared up as this worry about preterm labor is about to take me under.


Mellissa - February 3

Tammy- that must have been so hard for you, having to go thru m/c 3 times!!! i couldn't hardly handle going thru it once, i don't know how i would do it again. i'm glad things are going much better for you this time!! crisy- yes, i am in the states, colorado to be exact. i wish i was giving birth at home, but my hubby thinks it's weird. lol. at the military hospitals here we see midwives (unless you're high risk, then you see a dr.)...but there is usually a dr. present during the birth. when i had my daughter, i had to be induced because she was 2 weeks overdue and i told the nurse i didn't want the epidural and she told me, "oh, this is your first baby and you're getting induced, you'll give in and get it." but i got lucky and the pain was very bearable and i had her naturally with no problems. i know some women have horrible experiences, but i really prepared myself for it to hurt a lot worse than it actually did. hopefully you'll have the same experience...nice and peaceful. cabbie, i hope you get good news at your appointment! i know it must be so scary to think about preterm labor at 20 weeks!!! i lost 6 pounds after i got pregnant and i've gained 5 of them back so far...probably because i eat everything in sight!! lol. shae-lynn, i love that name! i went to high school with a girl with the same name. she was beautiful. let me know how those dopplers work..are they very expensive? i would love to get one, but i'm going to splurge on a 3d u/s in april....and i don't want to spend too much money!


minna_k04 - February 4

I am 17 wks and 4 days, I had a miscarriage last sept. I was only 1 wk pregnant, it was very scary. This time is great though. No problems, nothing, 1st u/s was great got a July 11th due date and hopefully will find out what we are having next month.



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