Mommies That Are Due In Early May

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Mommy that due may 6th - November 21

How are you doing, whats going on with the baby, when did you concieve, and when are you due?


Lacy - November 21

Hi! Im doing great! I havent been sick at all...all is well with baby too. I go back for ultrasound in a couple weeks to check things out, and hopefully see what we're having. I think I concieved around Aug 8, just judging from some of those pregnancy calculators. And, I am due May 1st! Im 17 weeks today!


Mommy thats due may 6th - November 21

Im glad to hear all is well with you:) Good luck and keep in touch:)


Melissa - November 21

Hello! I'm doing okay... although I am 16 weeks along and my "morning sickness" is still hanging on. =( I think I conceived Aug. 11, and I am due May 5. The baby seems to be doing great so far!


Lacy - November 21

Hey Mommy, how are YOU doing??


m - November 21

i am due may 6th also, conceived around aug 12th according to the calc. i had to be on bed rest for a couple days around nine weeks b/c of bleeding after intercourse. the dr said i have a very sensitive cervix. he said no s_x for a month! yikes! but all is good now, i am feeling lots of movement and kicks and the dr said s_x is ok! i am going for the us on dec 6th to hopefully find out s_x of baby...good luck!!


Mommy - November 21

Melissa im also due may 5th:) glad to hear your doing well! Keep in touch:)


mommy - November 21

To Lacy Im doing well! Fortunally(sp) I have had no morning sickness so thats a plus. Im 16 weeks will be 17 at the end of the week. Havn't had an u/s yet hopefully will have one before x-mas:) I also concieved around Aug. 11th according to the prego calanders but I think it was the 14th. Doctors say Im due may 5th. Just starting to feel the baby I think and I believe it's doing just fine!


mommy - November 21

If you are confused I say im due the 5th or the 6th because my doctor and prego calander says the 5th but my paperwork says the 6th. It's not a big difference I just type one or the other


Monique - November 21

I'm due the 8th, conceived the weekend of Aug.13th. I'm feeling pretty good. I started prenatal yoga 3 weeks ago and it's awesome!! I've had 2 u/s's and heard the baby's heartbeat (139). Had an appt today and she measured me--my stomach is getting so hard!! My next appt is Dec.12th, hope I get another u/s! Take care everyone!


Katie - November 24

Im 17 weeks the doctor hasnt measured me yet and I dont know when they will start. What is everyone else measuring at?


Mommy - November 28

I went to the doctor today and heard the heart beat for the second time it was so exciting. I get to find out the s_x of the baby in two weeks I cant wait.


Tess - November 28

I am due May 19th. I am 15wks and 4 days. I concieved on Aug. 26th.


K - November 29

I'm due the 8th and I can't say forsure I've felt any movement and it's starting to concern me since more people ask about flutters etc. Anyone else not feeling movement Dr says all is good go for my ultrasound in 2 weeks.


K - November 29

I was wondering if it could be just a mello baby. I'm very laid back so maybe the little one will be the same or my luck saving all energy for postwomb. Thanks


Mommy - November 29

To K dont worry about it. Im due the 5th or 6th and I really haven't felt anything either. I asked my doctor yeaterday and thats completley normal. She said it's still kind of early.


steph - November 29

im due may 6th and i can feel my baby alot



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